Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) has been named as a successful recipient of grant funding under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Based in Lytton, Queensland, ART has developed Metaltek XB1200, an advanced robotic structural steel processing system that has the potential to help Australian firms better compete with cheap imported fabricators through lower costs, quicker turnaround and superior accuracy. David White, Director of ART, said the grant funding would enable the company to transition from research & development (R&D) to a production product.

“This grant will help us cover the costs of building and installing a prototype system here at our Brisbane facility,” White said. “It will also help us complete and transport a display model they we can use for real-world demonstrations in Australia and overseas. This will help us generate leads with companies that are crying out for this kind of product, because we’ll be able to actively demonstrate the efficiency of this system in an industry neutral environment.”

To mark the awarding of the grant, ART was visited by Senator Michaelia Cash, Federal Minister for Jobs and Innovation, and Ross Vasta, the Federal Member for Bonner.  Vasta said it was great to see a local company receiving government support to develop and build world-class technology: “This is a world-leading product that will boost productivity and allow workers to move up to higher-skilled jobs.”

Minister Cash said she was pleased to be visiting ART to see how the Government’s funding will assist them to take their ideas to the market: “The Entrepreneurs’ Programme supports businesses to develop and commercialise ideas that will improve business capability and competitiveness, promote economic growth and create jobs.”

After the visit White was also invited along to meet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at Carindale Hotel in Brisbane. White noted that the Government’s support had been invaluable for ART to develop the technology, both through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and the R&D Tax Incentive.

“Without the R&D Tax Incentive Scheme, it would not have been viable for us to invest the necessary funds that have been required to develop this level of technology. It’s been pivotal to help us recoup costs, which has in turn encouraged further development,” White said. “The assistance available through schemes like the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and the R&D Tax Incentive provides a high level of confidence that the Government is backing Australian innovation.”