The CMX V series from DMG MORI presents a comprehensive range of equipment that is compact, competitive, and customised to maximise performance in vertical milling.

In the past, the basic specifications of a machine used to be the key issues for an investment decision, but now the overall performance, ease of use, and flexibility of a machining solution is more important for the most successful companies of today. This applies worldwide and independent of the class of a machine or the industry segment. For this reason, the newest machines from DMG MORI present a portfolio of solutions – with a broad range of technology, software solutions, and applications. The CMX V series of vertical machines represent leading-edge technology at attractive prices.

State-of-the-art CNC machine tools must be productive, flexible and easy to operate. DMG MORI designed the CMX V series to exceed these requirements. The modular design of the machines enables fast, flexible configuration according to individual requirements, coupled with hundreds of options and technological solutions designed to create value.

DMG MORI has developed the CMX V machine series with the intention to deliver sturdy vertical machining centres that will grow with your organisation. Thanks to their high versatility, CMX 600 V, CMX 800 V and CMX 1100 V can machine a number of workpieces for various fields of application. The range of machines in this series enables workpiece weights of up to 1,000kg and provides travel paths of 26.6 x 22 x 20.2 in. for the smallest model, as well as up to 110 x 56 x 51cm for the largest. Rapid traverses are 30m/min in all axes, with Fanuc control even at 36m/min in X- and Y-axes. The standard 12,000rpm high-performance spindle (15,000 as option on CMX 1100 V) is designed for a broad-application, continuous-operation durability and achieves high-quality manufacturing results.

The roller guides used in the CMX V series ensure maximum stability as well as precision and provide a high level of rigidity and durability. Thanks to extensive finite element analysis (FEM), the models of the CMX V series are characterised by a sophisticated, compact and rigid machine structure, based on a grey iron casting C-frame for highest rigidity and vibration behaviour. The clever cabin design of the CMX V series delivers vastly improved operator ergonomics, designed in such a way that accessibility to the table and workpiece is possible by crane. Additional functions for easier operation are integrated in the entire machine. The central lubrication and other peripheral devices requiring regular maintenance are set up in an easily accessible location, to facilitate maintenance and inspection.

The large choice of controls in the CMX V series comprises a 48cm DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch control and Operate 4.7 on SIEMENS as well as a 38cm DMG MORI SLIMline optionally with Heidenhain TNC 620 or MAPPS IV on Fanuc, providing choice and flexibility for any manufacturing operation.