Whether you are a materials handling specialist wanting to demonstrate system capability, or a manufacturing company considering a plant expansion or greenfield site development, simulation technology allows you to plan, test and validate designs before actual capital is expended.

Demo3D is an advanced material handling demonstration tool that offers virtual reality 3D solution to designing, simulating, presenting and testing all material handling solutions. Demo3D stands out in the modelling world as it incorporates realistic physics to show the way loads and other model elements interact.

The Demo3D world takes into account mass, friction, force, inertia, gravity, and momentum to represent the interactions between various model elements. Products on Demo3D conveyors behave according to real world physics. They can bump into each other, slide, jam, and even fall to the floor. You can interact with them as the model runs, using the mouse to pick them up and put them down somewhere else in the system if you want to; you can stop and start conveyor motors, and the modelled system will respond in the same way as the real system would.

Demo3D allows to users to model the most simple conveyor or the most detailed automated warehouse, evaluate changes to an existing materials handling system before any decisions need to be made, assess ‘what if’ scenarios, and identify bottlenecks before they actually occur. Users can also experiment with ideas, test possible solutions, and assess the impact of conveyor jam-ups.

Models can be built and customised using an extensive range of components from included catalogues, or you can develop your own components and create custom catalogues to represent the specific equipment your company offers. If you can visualise it, you can build it using Demo3D.

Demo3D has been designed from the outset to allow users to develop detailed operational models fast. Being able to see the model running at each stage of development means you can quickly test and progress ideas, arriving at better solutions, faster.

Demo3D is used in automated materials handling, general manufacturing, and baggage handling to create models that clearly communicate the operation of the proposed system. In order to be cost-effective, you need a modelling system that allows you to create realistic and operational models fast; Demo3D’s approach is designed to help you be responsive. It can bring to life a CAD drawing of a new layout, plug in the functional parameters and allow the user to understand how their concept will operate.

For existing layouts, Demo3D allows the user to test concepts and understand how any future upgrades or process changes will integrate with the existing system. A simulation of future upgrades would then provide the data required for proof of concept and the justification for spending capital.

Once the model has been captured, users can also take advantage of Demo3D’s virtual reality capabilities with fully navigable, 360-degree video that can be sent to smartphones and tablets or simply captured in high-resolution images and video for presentation purposes. You can also export to CAD or even create a 3D PDF to share with your team or customer.