September 24, 2018 @ 8:30 am – September 25, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Advanced Manufacturing Precinct
RMIT University
58 Cardigan St
Prof. Milan Brandt

Additive manufacturing is now globally recognised as a mainstream manufacturing technology in a range of  Industries such as the aerospace, automotive, defence and medical. Compared to more traditional subtractive technologies, additive manufacturing offers greater advantages for part complexity, material utilisation and
environmental impact. Fully functional parts or products, with many different components, are able to be produced simultaneously and on demand, thereby reducing the cost of production and dramatically accelerating the time it takes to take a product to market.

The 3rd International Forum on Additive Manufacturing will provide an opportunity for national and international practitioners to discuss and explore additive technology in the context of defence, aerospace and medical requirements.

The topics will include:
◊ Additive manufacturing needs
◊ Current use of additive technology – progress and challenges
◊ Leading research into materials for additive manufacture both metal and polymers
◊ Leading research in process modelling
◊ Leading research in repair processes and applications
◊ Use of additive technology for just-in-time manufacture of spares

Chair: Prof. M. Brandt, RMIT University
Co-Chairs: Prof. M. Easton, A/Prof. M. Leary and Prof. M. Qian, RMIT University
Organised by: RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing