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AMTIL’s one day National Conference, Strategies for Manufacturing Resilience and Growth, takes delegates on a journey through:

  • Building resilience in your business and the wider manufacturing industry
  • Positioning your business to become a supplier to organisations such as Raytheon and other OEM’s
  • Structuring your business to manage growth and profitability
  • Creating an engaging culture in your organisation

Delegate packages include:

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Director, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania
Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd

Michael Grogan joined AMGC in 2016 as Director responsible for advancing Australian manufacturing in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Michael brings extensive experience having been the CEO of Sutton Tools for almost two decades. Under his leadership, Sutton Tools employed 350 workers across three locations in Victoria. In addition, he managed manufacturing facilities and operational outlets in New Zealand, Singapore and Europe. Michael launched successful joint ventures in India and the Netherlands, and boosted the company’s revenue through extending its sales reach in international markets including the USA and China.

Michael is a board member of Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC), sits on the board of Manufacturing Skills Australia and Training Taskforce, is heavily involved in Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS), is a member of the School Committee of the Northern College of the Arts and Technology, and Chairman of the Inner Northern Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN).

Session Outline

Building resilience in Australian manufacturing – Mr Michael Grogan, Director, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre

The Australian manufacturing industry is proving robust and demonstrating its capacity to compete on the world stage. It is also moving up the value chain. In fact, analysis by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre shows the industry could add $36 billion more to Australia’s GDP than currently projected in the year 2026 if companies make the right changes – starting today. This presentation will focus on the skills Australia must develop and the characteristics needed to make our manufacturers globally competitive. These include ensuring firms have the resilience to survive the industry’s unique volatility.

Rick Shalders

Rick Shalders is the Director of the Industry Development Unit (IDU), a role that he has held since December 2016.

The IDU enables Australian defence industry to gain access to the Raytheon Company Global Supply Chain and assists Industry to capture business in this market. This program is sponsored by the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC).

Prior to commencing in this role, Rick undertook a role within the Raytheon Australia Strategy Executive and Business Development group after completing a three year secondment as the General Manager at a Rapid Prototyping Development and Evaluation (RPDE) Program for Defence.

He has also held the position of Director Submarine Initiatives within Raytheon Australia’s Naval Strategy and Business Development Group and, more recently, held the same role in the Growth and Innovation team. In these roles, Rick was responsible for leading and directing new business opportunities for submarines and within the naval domain.

Rick served over 34 years in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) as a seaman Warfare Officer. Having qualified in Submarines, he undertook a number of postings within the


Squadron and Force Element Group in both Sydney and Western Australia. As a Navigation Sub Specialist, he also served in the UK on Navy exchange, working for the Flag Officer Submarines, with responsibility for Navigation, Electronic Warfare, Special Operations policy, development and training.

Rick’s achievements in the Navy include commanding two Oberon Class submarines, HMAS Oxley and HMAS Oberon, as well as the Guided Missile Frigate, HMAS Darwin.

He was also posted to Naval Headquarters’ Submarines Policy Directorate and was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross during his second submarine command in 2003. Rick’s subsequent postings include: commanding the RAN Submarine Squadron during the Collins Class introduction; a role as Director Maritime Development in Capability Development Group following the 2000 Defence White Paper; and a role in US Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

As a newly promoted Flag Officer, Rick continued on a Capability Development focussed career path, with a period in Australian Special Operations Command before the highlight of his service career as Head of the Australian Navy Submarine Group based in HMAS Stirling in WA from 2005 to 2008.

Session Outline

Rick will present “Opportunities to work with Raytheon – what’s involved in being a supplier”.  Raytheon is a major US defence company.  This presentation will introduce attendees to Raytheon,  provide an outline of the types of opportunities available to companies within the Raytheon supply chain,  and provide insights into how source selection is performed and lessons learned from nine years of the Global Supply Chain program.

Peter Hook

Peter has managed electronics, instrumentation and automation companies around the world.  In recent years he has led sales and marketing for automation and industrial businesses back in Australia.

Joining Bosch in early 2018, Peter has responsibility for Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions (BAMS) sales, marketing and business development across Oceania.

Session Outline

Automation in Small & Medium Enterprises
From Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0 what has changed and what are the drivers that a moving industry into Industry 4.0?  The industrial revolution started with the introduction of mechanisation in the late 1700’s.  In 2018, industry is embracing the fourth revolution, the industrial internet, the smart factory,  Industry 4.0.

There are a number of reasons why companies need to install automation and robotics, cost reduction, quality & productivity improvements.  However, the key driver comes down to remaining, or becoming, competitive in a global market place.  Luckily, the implementation of automation is simpler today than it was ten years ago and there are opportunities for State and Federal government funding to help companies on their journey.

Director, Business Advisory
William Buck

lan is a people person who invests significant time into the development of his relationships with his clients and staff. He demonstrates passion and enthusiasm every day, allowing the people around him to feed off that energy and share in his passion.

Both ian’s clients and staff know the importance of setting goals and taking steps to achieve those goals. He understands that each situation is different, but is open to the challenge, to create a positive change in the lives of those around him.

lan believes that offering support and a comfortable working environment for his team is crucial. He’s proud to be part of a team that helps make William Buck a place where people want to work.

lan has a broad range of experience in the manufacturing industry including: tax, cash flow, information technology and strategic planning, enabling him to offer clients a holistic view and provide advice that takes into account all aspects of their affairs.

One of Ian’s philosophies is to ‘Ensure your goals are current and you’re working towards them in all that you do’. He adds, ‘There’s no better feeling than a sense of achievement’.

Session Outline

How to structure your business for growth and profitability

Did you know two thirds of the Fastest Growing Companies fail? Every business wants to grow but not every business has the right structure to support growth. Getting it right is vital in managing all the moving parts and not let it get out of control. Ian Cattanach will outline the key considerations that need to be corrected for a business to achieve and sustain its growth objectives.

Alex Kingsbury

Alex Kingsbury is an engineer who currently consults to businesses on metal additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. Alex advises companies both locally and overseas, providing expert technical advice, business analysis, market assessments, and feasibility studies for additive manufacturing technologies. Formerly the Director of CSIRO’s additive manufacturing centre ‘Lab22’, Alex understands what it means to meaningfully connect industry to research and development activity.

Alex has worked more broadly in metal technologies including additive manufacturing since 2011. Alex is excited by the promise that additive manufacturing holds for the future of Australian manufacturing, and is optimistic about the transition to advanced manufacturing technologies currently taking place in the industry.

Session Outline

Additive Manufacturing: Making It Work for Australia

Outline: Additive manufacturing has the potential to transform manufacturing and up-end business models, but what does that mean for manufacturing in Australia? In this presentation, Alex will provide an update on the current status of additive manufacturing in Australia – the highlights, initiatives, and commercial achievements. She will outline examples of how additive manufacturing is changing products and businesses, making Australian manufacturers more competitive and export-oriented. Alex will dive into the the particular challenges unique to the Australian context and discuss how these are being addressed.

John Downes
Strategic Mentor
Acorro. Supporting Success

As a 30 year experienced professional business advisor, John supports business owners and CEOs to achieve enjoyment, fulfilment and to earn a just financial reward from their businesses. That’s it.

He has gained significant experience as a business mentor from serving over 400 organisations (big, medium and emerging) across 15 industries in Australia, the United Kingdom, Asia and the United States of America. In 2009, he retired as a partner from global consulting firm, Deloitte, to establish this Strategic Mentoring business; his aim being to get much closer to a few business owners and CEOs rather than drive large projects and teams as he had done for the previous 20+ years around the world.

Along the way, he founded the successful, Business Development Company which, with two partners, grew from a start up to 25 staff and offices up the eastern seaboard serving some of Australia’s largest franchise businesses.

Subsequent to that, he now mentors CEOs and business owners of organisations with 10 – 300 staff, to help them to:

Set the vision of their organisation and plan how to achieve it

Build their businesses with the resources, skills and capabilities to deliver their vision

Focus on doing the right things right and to achieve their visions by measuring and managing their performance

Provide leadership coaching to inspire their teams, and to support them to face their growth challenges.

Session Outline

Leadership, Communication and Relationship Building

Flowing from years of experience with so many different clients, John has been witness to all varieties of leadership style from the hyper volatile tyrant unable to understand why their “directives” fall on deaf ears, through to the highly distractible pleaser who can’t make a vaguely uncomfortable decision, and everything in-between.

What have he learned?

Inspirational leaders of high performing teams have done the work!

We hire the staff that we desire.

Our leadership style is a function of fear, love, desire, and intuition.

Lets talk about the Leadership, Communication and Relationship Building skills that can be learned and developed to engender trust, safety and empowerment for inspired high performing teams.

Gary Bertwistle

Gary Bertwistle has always had a passion for innovation and creativity. His career has spanned the retail, music, media, corporate education and radio industries. Gary’s drive comes from having people and organisations think differently to generate new ways of doing things.

As a thought leader in innovation and creativity, Gary has helped companies, teams and individuals in companies of all sizes, in all industries and categories, to look at how they currently do things and address what needs to change in order for them to think differently and maximise their potential. He is often called upon when companies or individuals lose their mojo.

Through easy to understand, fun, interactive speeches and sessions, he presents to a wide variety of clients in the areas of creative thinking, mojo, marketing, strategic facilitation, and innovation to improve performance and help individuals be their best. He has built his reputation helping companies and leaders unlock great ideas.

Gary’s portfolio of work.

  • Opened Australia’s first ever creative thinking venue, The Ideas Vault, in Sydney
  • Won the TEC Speaker of the Year in 2007, 2008 and again in 2012, plus multiple winner of the Mick Robertson Award voted by Australian CEO’s.
  • Hosts the successful podcast series on iTunes and iHeart Radio, The Mojo Radio Show
  • Published 6 books including the best sellers: Who Stole My Mojo? and The Vibe
  • Publishes a weekly blog for thinkers called The Espresso
  • Co-founded Australia’s leading cycling foundation, the Tour de Cure which since 2007 has raised over $30 million for research, support and prevention of cancer
  • Successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Mojo Journal, the worlds first thought provoking journal.
  • Australian of Year finalist 2018

Session Outline

Who Stole My Mojo?
Based on Gary’s best selling book Who Stole My Mojo?, this session is about introducing simple and easy to implement tips and tools for putting the spark back into your day.

Who Stole My Mojo? will not only help you get the most out of your day both in and out of the workplace, it will also give you the necessary zest and passion to drive you towards your aspirations and goals. There is no doubt that the pace and degree of life is stealing our mojo. Business is under fire and companies are losing their mojo. This session helps explore how your thinking works to help you be your best and create great ideas. You will walk away with all you need to raise the bar, seize the day and put the mojo back in your day, your team and your company.

Session Outline

  • Uncover the ceilings that our thinking can place over our individual performance
  • Explore how we can control the negative voices that create those ceilings
  • Find out how surrounding ourselves with the right council can dramatically improve our performance
  • Learn how to get more out of every area of our lives by reprogramming our thinking

Who Stole My Mojo? will help you understand the secrets to enhancing and holding on to your mojo. You will have your spark back and will know what you need to do to get the most out of your life and be firing on all cylinders again. And should you lose it again, you will know how to get it back! Learn how others keep their mojo in check, and how these tips can be applied to your own world and business.

Claire Madden is the nation’s leading voice on Generation Z. As an author, social researcher, keynote speaker and media commentator, Claire is in demand as an expert in interpreting social trends, demographics and implications of generational change.

Claire is the author of Hello Gen Z: Engaging the Generation of Post-Millennials. Claire is highly regarded for her dynamic and engaging presentations where she translates robust, research-based content into strategic applications for educators, managers and business leaders. Claire is commissioned by some of the nation’s largest companies and leading brands to interpret the changing landscape and communicate the implications for business and society.

As a media commentator, Claire is regularly interviewed on prominent television programs including The Drum, The Project, The Today Show, SkyNews, Sunrise and The Morning Show, as well as on the radio and in print media. With academic qualifications in communications and postgraduate studies in leadership, on the board for a financial services company and on the Advisory Board of UTS Business School. Claire is also the Founder and Director of the research based strategy and communications agency, Hello Clarity.

Session Outline
In a little over a generation, organisations have been transformed from hierarchical structures to collaborative environments. Similarly, staff and volunteers have moved from long term commitment to valuing variety and frequent change. Therefore it is imperative that leaders are equipped with strategies to build a culture which attracts and inspires, implement leadership which supports and empowers and shapes an organisational climate which produces both productivity and engagement.

World Champion Athlete, Endurance Athlete, Crossfitter, Motivational Speaker, Winner of Worlds Toughest Mudder, Ambassador for Burnet Institute,  Entrepreneur, Mother of 2 , Survivor!

Deanna Blegg, at a young age, was a Commonwealth games Representative in the sport of Triathlon.  Like most young athletes she was burnt out by her early 20’s so took a change in direction and travelled the world.

Her Journeys lead her to over 40 countries in a 2 ½  year period.  In that time she experienced many highs, but also encountered situations that no one should ever have to face.

In 1994 at the tender age of 24 Deanna was diagnosed with HIV and was told if she lived 5 years she’d be a long-term survivor.  The diagnosis stole the wind from her sails and sent her life on a completely different journey.

Deanna, not to be beaten by HIV, has since had 2 children, reached World Champion Levels in sport again and has been travelling the world competing again for the last 10 years.

Life for Deanna is not always smooth sailing.  At the age of 46 Deanna found a lump in her Breast and was later diagnosed with Grade 3 aggressive invasive Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Her reaction was not to drown herself in sorrows. She did not Fight Cancer, to Deanna Fighting always incurs negativity.  Instead she accepted it, decided on her choice of treatment options, and moved through the process.

Her goal was to finish the Treatment and then build back her body to a stronger, fitter, healthier, wiser version of herself.

Deanna will share her life journey in detail.  Her story shows how resilience and your minds view, when times are tough, can completely change your action and reaction for the better.

You can be a victim of circumstance or a survivor.  It’s just a choice.

Session Outline

Personal Resilience – The story of Deanna Blegg

World Champion, Crossfitter, Endurance Athlete, Winner of World’s Toughest Mudder, Motivational Speaker, Ambassador for the Burnet Institute, Entrepreneur, Mother of Two, Survivor!

After years of success in high-level sport, Deanna was diagnosed with HIV in 1994 at the tender age of 24. Having been told if she lived five years she’d be a long-term survivor, the diagnosis stole the wind from her sails and sent her life on a completely different journey.

Refusing to be beaten, Deanna has since had two children and has spent the last ten years travelling the world, competing in sport, and yet again achieving World Champion status.

At the AMTIL National Conference, Deanna will share her life journey in detail. She will discuss the ways in which she has used solution-focused thinking to overcome obstacles and live a happy and fulfilling life. Deanna’s story shows how personal resilience can help you follow a path to a full and rewarding journey.

You can be a victim of circumstance, or a survivor. It’s your choice.

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