Rockwell Automation has announced that Auto Control Systems (ACS), based in Welshpool, Western Australia, is the first certified power system integrator in the world to implement an Allen-Bradley Centerline 2500 low-voltage motor control centre (LV MCC).

ACS is a premier provider of industrial automation, control systems and services in Australia. The company provides industry-leading value-add engineering services with expertise in power control, electrical installation, safety, network studies, packaging and power conditioning that meets critical measures for operational excellence, application knowledge and customer satisfaction. ACS has a well-established competency in motor control and software to help customers understand and implement these intelligent capabilities in a way to help generate value for their organisations.

The MCC is destined for an explosives manufacturing plant in Eastern Europe and features the complete Rockwell Automation Connected Components range, including E300 Electronic Overloads and PowerFlex 525 and 753 drives all on an Ethernet backbone.

“Customers’ requirements are changing and they are looking for motor control solutions that can integrate with their existing systems and provide advanced diagnostic capabilities,” explained Andrew Taylor, Engineering & Operations Manager at ACS. “The Centerline 2500 meets these requirements and provides an efficient and effective solution.”

According to Michael Massey, State Manager – Western Australia, Rockwell Automation: “This is an important milestone in our relationship with ACS and gives us the flexibility to address market requirements in providing comprehensive type tested, intelligent MCC solutions that can be locally customised and supported by a competent LV MCC Recognised System Integrator with backing from our factory.”

The European explosives manufacturer called on International Explosives Equipment (IEE), an Australian company that designs and builds high quality equipment for the bulk explosives sectors, to provide the mechanical design and hardware for the manufacturing plant. ACS is the automation provider for International Explosives Equipment and was responsible for delivering the automation and electrical components of the plant.  IEE, ACS and the end user collaborated on the programming requirements for operating the production facility incorporating a high level of safety, automation and control.

As the MCC will be operating in an explosives plant, ArcShield protection was included in addition to the Rockwell Automation Connected Components. ArcShield helps to reduce arc flash hazards and provides increased protection against electrical arcing faults.

The MCC also features IntelliCENTER technology, which enhances the intelligence of the MCC by using built-in networking to capture information that can be used for predictive maintenance, process monitoring, and advanced diagnostics. Connecting motor control devices over Ethernet allows operators to realise the benefits of the Connected Enterprise by monitoring and analysing operations from anywhere at anytime.

“The international certification via IEC61439 combined with ArcShield protection helped the customer to feel relaxed in the knowledge that they are purchasing a superior product, which provides the highest levels of protection for their operations staff,” said Taylor.

ACS leveraged their engineering expertise to incorporate several custom selections, including a light and power distribution chassis, PLC tier including dual CompactLogix controllers and Stratix switches, and custom heat trace control cubicle. All motor control equipment has an external hardware interface module to display performance information at the front of the MCC.

“Working together, we were able to provide an IEC-certified product with the safety of ArcShield,” added Taylor. “The entire MCC is housed within a 12m high-cube shipping container complete with segregated control room and laboratory. The container is designed to be transported direct to the customer’s premises ready for wiring and installation.”