Campagno Engineering, a family-owned company based in Dandenong Victoria was established in 1979 by Jorge Campagno, specialising in CNC milling and turning, and the design and manufacture of special-purpose tools.

From a one-person operation with floor space of 75sqm, the company has grown to now employ 26 highly skilled tradespeople and support staff in a purpose-built factory of more than 900sqm. Jorge, his wife Amanda and their family have invested in the latest machine technology to ensure Campagno stays at the cutting edge of engineering and maintain an ethos of fast, efficient service and prompt on-time delivery.

The company specialises in product categories that include packaging, medical, truck, defence and general engineering. Prototyping is another area; the company’s extensive experience has often enabled it to suggest better, more efficient ways to manufacture new parts.

Jorge was keen to acquire a barfeeder to complement a new CNC machine to assist in producing parts more efficiently. The increased productivity the barfeeder would bring was the key reason for the purchase.

“We looked at a number of different brands but it was the sheer quality and rugged construction of the servo-driven Hydrafeed that won us over,” says Jorge.

The Hydrafeed barfeeder allows a CNC machine to run unattended and is a very user-friendly unit with an additional productivity benefit over other barfeeders on the market.

“Once you’ve set a bar size and saved the setup, you are not required to open the cover again,” explains Jorge. You simply call up the program from the touchscreen and the Hydrafeed will set itself on centreline automatically thanks to the servo drive bar lifter mechanism.”

Standard features of the Hydrafeed include a fully automated set-up through a user-friendly HMI screen and the versatility to accommodate different bar diameters and lengths, including random lengths. A wide variety of models are available to suit any application.

“The Hydrafeed is very easy to use, so it doesn’t take long for staff members to become proficient at operating it,” adds Jorge. “Price of course was also important in our purchase decision, but it’s the support and service from the supplier which I believe is crucial, as it can become very expensive in time wasted. I’ve been dealing with Dimac for 30 years and it’s their knowledge, quality products and after-sales support that was another key reason for opting for the Hydrafeed.

“Just like other products we’ve purchased from Dimac our purchase experience with the Hydrafeed was excellent, from the first inquiry to the delivery, installation and end training,” Jorge adds. “The Hydrafeed has added a large dose of productivity and I would certainly recommend it without hesitation to any company.”