AMTIL member Successful Endeavours picked up a major award at the IoT Impact conference and exposition in Sydney on 10 September.

Supported by IoTAA (IoT Alliance Australia), IoT Impact was a two-day learning event held on 10-11 September at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)’s Faculty of Engineering & Technology. IoTAA is the peak industry body representing IoT in Australia, with more than 420 participating organisations and 800 individual participants working to accelerate the adoption of IoT across the Australian economy and society.

The IOT Awards were held at UTS’s brand new Tech Lab, in an event that coincided with the official opening of the facility. There were three IoT Impact Awards, presented for Enablement in IoT, Industry in IoT, and Innovation in IoT. Successful Endeavours won the Innovation in IoT Award for its work on the IND Technology EVFD system, which detects faults and problems in SWER electrical distribution systems to help prevent bushfires.

Based in Berwick, Victoria, Successful Endeavours designs electronics products that are intended to be profitably made in Australia. Examples of its IoT technology include water & waste management, metering and monitoring, smart cities sensor suites, air-quality monitoring, fault detection, tracking, counting and lighting.

IoT Impact was conceived to help Australia business executives understand and plan for the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Australia. The exhibition featured around 50 exhibitors from Australia and around the world, ranging from start-ups to global companies, showcasing their innovations and technologies.