Applied Machinery recently installed a new fibre laser cutter at Jmar Engineering in Shepparton, Victoria.

Founded by Mark and Janice Hooper 22 years ago, Jmar specialises in component manufacturing and repairs across a broad range of industries including those associated with conveyor and package handling equipment. A commitment to providing outstanding customer service, staying abreast of local trends, and ongoing diversification has seen the company achieve steady growth and increase its customer base since its inception.

An example of that diversification has been the way the company now undertakes a considerable amount of ‘reverse engineering’ – fabricating many components and parts that clients may have previously bought from overseas suppliers.

In addition to component manufacturing, the company has been a supplier to the agricultural industry for more than 20 years with a unique product called the Christopher Dairy Bails. This is a retrofit product suitable for herringbone dairies that allows the farmer to feed in the bail at milking time.

Nearly all Jmar’s business comes from around the Goulburn Valley area within a 50km radius of Shepparton.

Last year Mark spotted an opportunity to invest in a laser cutter to further grow his business and enhance the quality of his company’s end product. After extensive further research, a fibre laser cutter appeared to be the best choice. Fibre laser cutters offer a number of significant benefits, including extreme accuracy, high speed and consistency of cut, coupled with very low operating costs.

Mark’s interest in fibre lasers saw him issue a challenge to Applied Machinery: to supply him with a machine that would meet both his performance criteria and budget restrictions. It was a challenge that the team at Applied was pleased to accept. After a detailed presentation, Mark became Applied’s inaugural fibre laser cutter customer with the supply and installation of a Hans GS LFD-3015 1kW fibre laser cutting system.

Paying quick dividends

“The new Hans fibre laser installed in late February is already paying huge dividends for us,” says Mark. “Not only is it improving productivity and quality of our finished products, but it has also opened up new market opportunities. We’re seeing work that we would never have seen, and are quoting on jobs that we have previously not been able to quote on. The new Hans fibre laser is really helping to expand our business.”

Another benefit of the new machine is that the quality of the finished product coming out of the company’s press-brake is now far superior, due to the huge increase in quality of the pre-bend parts from the fibre laser when compared with the company’s plasma cutter. The Yawei pressbrake is co-incidentally another product supplied by Applied Machinery.

“Quite simply the new Hans fibre laser ticks all the boxes,” Mark enthuses.

Not only is Mark rapt with his new machine – he also raves about the quality of Applied’s service both prior to making the purchase and during the machine’s installation process.

“Applied’s service is unquestionably outstanding,” he says. “I have been overwhelmed with the support and commitment of Applied’s staff. Their ability to resolve any issues that did arise was really pleasing. Throughout the process Matt Keogh, Applied Machinery’s Service Manager, has continually checked to ensure we were completely satisfied with the operation of the machine and the quality of the training.

“This new fibre laser is completely in keeping with the ethos of Jmar Engineering,” Mark concludes. “It not only allows us to produce the highest-quality components in a faster time, but also provides us with the opportunity to add to the diversity of products we produce.”