If time is tight, your profit margins are tighter, or it’s been a while since you last reviewed your energy spend, now could be a great time for your business to get in touch with our service partner: Make It Cheaper, to ensure you aren’t paying over the odds for your businesses electricity or gas bills.

As you may be aware, AMTIL entered into a service partnership earlier this year with Make It Cheaper to bring their energy saving expertise to our members. Make It Cheaper analysed over 6,000 business energy bills and discovered that 75% of businesses are paying too much for their power. That is a huge majority, and both AMTIL and Make It Cheaper want to decrease this figure and ensure that manufacturing businesses are within the 25% who are paying a fair amount for their gas and electricity bills.

But why are energy bills so high for businesses? Often this overpayment on energy occurs due to business owners not having enough time or enough information to know when or how to negotiate better energy rates. Power bills are often neglected (understandably) by business owners and left to fester, and as such, this means that they are placed on standard rates by energy suppliers, rather than the market rate for a company’s individual energy usage needs. It is this neglect of reviewing energy rates that can lead to companies overspending on their power bills, and this is what AMTIL hopes our members will avoid, thanks to our partnership with Make It Cheaper.

The service offered by Make It Cheaper aims to bring some clarity in the often murky world of business by giving you, the business owner, crystal clear advice regarding your energy supplier options. Switching with Make It Cheaper is simple, because they do all the hard work for you; once you give them a call, a member of their energy savings team will take a look at your current energy usage and conduct a comprehensive comparison against other rates available to you. They will even sort out your new contracts so that you don’t have to!

AMTIL knows how much hard work goes in to running a successful manufacturing business, and we understand how tight profit margins can be. With Make It Cheaper helping businesses to save an average of $1,151 per year on their energy bills, think about how much wider your profit margins could be!

To begin saving your business money on its energy bills, talk to an expert at Make It Cheaper about switching your gas or electricity supplier, by calling 1300 839 899.