Continuing the company’s tradition of enhancing its capabilities by investing in the latest technology, Mitcham Laser Cutting and Metal Fabrication has upped its game again with the recent acquisition of a Salvagnini L5 fibre-optic laser.

Mitcham Laser Cutting and Metal Fabrication is a growing family-owned Australian business based in Mitcham, Victoria, with a vision to meet the increasing demands of its expanding client base. Founded by Robert and John Keating, the company’s origins go back to 2002, with the purchase of its first profile-cutting machine, a turret punch-laser combination. In 2006 it added a 3kW CO2 laser, and a short time later the company moved into its current premises, where it expanded into sheet metal fabrication.

Since then Mitcham Laser has grown to offer complete sheet metal services from product design through to fabrication. The Mitcham Laser team takes pride in producing high-quality, highly accurate products. It works with fine tolerances and always strives to provide the best services possible. The company offers complete services from concepts, design and prototyping through all aspects of manufacturing and delivery to ensure its high standard is always met.

The company has always been committed to investing in the latest equipment and technology in order to build the business and continue to provide the best quality and service for its customers. Robotic welding is one of its more recent new capabilities.

Having started as a contract laser cutting business with a CO2 laser, it was in 2008 when Robert and John decided that fibre laser technology was the next step forward. In October 2015 that plan finally came to fruition with the arrival of a brand new Salvagnini L5 fiber optic laser, which is now operating from its manufacturing facility.

There were a significant amount of factors considered when deciding upon its newest machine. The team’s focus was to find a proven well designed and reliable machine that could reinforce the core service of its business. Optical fibre technology was chosen as it offers the flexibility of high cutting speeds on light-gauge materials combined with low running costs. With Australian manufacturing faced with ever increasing costs, fibre technology offers significant advantages in reducing power and gas consumption, allowing Mitcham Laser to offer clients the most competitive prices it can.

Salvagnini has a long history in manufacturing machinery for the sheet metal industry; most importantly, it has strong experience in fibre-optic lasers with the highest number of optical fibre laser cutting machines in operation. The Salvagnini L5 model stood out due to its compass structure head, which enables 5G dynamics without the need for a high energy input. The L5 is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables it to reach the very highest levels in terms of speed, accuracy, reliability and performance.

The decision to invest in an automated loading and unloading system was relatively straightforward. The Compact Tower installed alongside the L5 gives Mitcham Laser the capacity to operate 24/7, including “lights out” operations. This enables the company to complete large-scale projects and high-volume contracts reliably with short lead times. The Tower also provides flexibility in being able to cut different material types and thicknesses in a single set-up.

The new fibre laser has been installed adjacent to Mitcham Laser’s existing CO2 laser, and on top of greatly improved cutting efficiency and quality, the L5 also offers the capability to process brass and copper, both of which are not easily cut on traditional lasers.

The new machine has performed extremely well and exceeded all expectations. Within weeks of commissioning the L5, Mitcham Laser was able to reduce lead-times and confidently accommodate extra work, which it previously was not able to do. The machine has given the team at Mitcham Laser the increased flexibility, in terms of both its capabilities and its capacity, to better service its clients, and has opened up numerous opportunities for the company to grow its business.

Mitcham Laser’s staff are motivated knowing that they are working with cutting-edge technology, and they have confidence in the L5 to get the job done. This major investment demonstrates Mitcham Laser’s commitment to continually improving the service and quality that it provides to its clients.

Salvagnini technology is supported Australia-wide by Machinery Forum.