In less than a fortnight’s time, National Manufacturing Week will open its doors to hundreds of new and innovative manufacturing technologies, alongside access to industry leaders who will be freely sharing their expertise.

Running 11-13 May at the Sydney Showground in Sydney Olympic Park, this year’s NMW offers insights and information that could spark positive change for your business. NMW 2016 will give manufacturers their ‘first look’ at several game-changing technologies: including Australia’s first public exhibition of the much-anticipated Sawyer from Rethink Robotics, at 11.40am on 12 May. Distributed in Australia by Impact Robotics, Sawyer is a collaborative robot – cobot – which works safely alongside people, without needing to be caged.

“We’re participating in NMW to fire up people’s imaginations with how advanced collaborative robots like Sawyer can quickly, easily take over machine tending, packaging and other precise but repetitive and wearying tasks,” comments Impact Robotics’ Jo Levett. “For as little as $4/hr, you can free up your staff for the higher order work that can move your business ahead.”

NMW 2016 will also serve as the launchpad for Australian company 3D Brink’s newest 3D printer, which for the first time in the world can print items up to 600mm high in food-grade plastic, wood, carbon and other fibres. The new machine, Trinity XL is a cost-effective tool for companies who are looking to quickly, accurately produce prototypes, models, food-grade molds – almost any CAD-based item – in just hours.

Other new technologies being profiled at NMW include LEDified Lighting’s range of next-generation energy efficient LEDs use up to 80% less energy, last 10 times longer and provide more light. NMW will also turn a spotlight on innovation from leading global companies, including 3M, Carl Zeiss, Fuji Electric, Hitachi and Konica Minolta, who are all taking part in this year’s event to showcase the developments they are now making available to Australian business.

Throughout NMW, new technologies will be brought to life in dynamic, on-the-floor live demonstrations. The demonstration schedule includes Multicam CNC Routing, OMAX advanced precision waterjet systems, Kemppi’s new Pulse Mig system, Cryonomic dry ice blasting, plus advances in welding, riveting and much, much more. The full demonstration schedule is available at

Alongside these demonstrations, NMW’s Seminar Theatre program will present industry leaders sharing valuable ideas and strategies for business growth. The Seminar Theatre series will begin with CSIRO flagging opportunities for business partnerships for the development of new products, processes and materials. Separate presentations from design leaders at Western Sydney University and the University of Technology Sydney will outline how you can use design innovation to drive competitive advantage. There will be briefings on vital processes, such as Lean management, supply chain efficiencies and more. Additionally, industry superstars – Anthony Kittel of Redarc, Alex Lester of Nautitech, Ron Barrington of Cullen Steel and more – will share the real-world stories of how they are succeeding in fiercely competitive markets.

NMW is held in Sydney just once every two years: don’t miss out! Check out the full program online and register now for free entry. And while you’re there, download the NMW app to help build your personal NMW schedule, with reminders for key events to make the most of this year’s event.