Every application has its own unique requirements and this is most evident in the heavy-duty industry. Components and units required for heavy-duty applications are exposed to harsh environments and need to be robust to ensure a long-service life and reliability

In addition, extremely high output torques, cost-effectiveness and quiet running are further key prerequisites for companies operating within these environments. When looking for an industrial gear drive to best match a heavy-duty application, it’s imperative that companies turn to trusted brands who truly understand the environment and the exact application, to avoid any costly downtime.

In operation for more than half a century, Nord Drivesystems offers trusted gear units for various industries and applications, and the Nord Maxxdrive is no exception. This industrial gear unit provides high output torques from 15,000Nm to 250,000Nm, and is ideal for applications such as agitators, conveyor belt drives, mixers, mills, drums or crushers.

Martin Broglia, Managing Director of Nord Drivesystems, elaborates on his company’s industrial gear units, saying: “Downtime in heavy-duty industries is extremely costly. Over the years, Nord Drivesystems has continuously seen success with its industrial gear units – available as helical gear units or bevel gear units.

“In addition, Nord is the industrial gear unit manufacturer with the world’s largest industrial gear Unicase housing. These were specifically designed to accommodate large roller bearings and to guarantee a longer service life.”

Nord’s industrial gear units are designed with the customer in mind to meet the key requirements of flexibility, durability and long-service life.

“Our units have optimised geometries for excellent load capacity, low noise and of course, a long service life,” explains Broglia. “They are very robust thanks to high-quality, low-friction bearings, and the Unicase housing makes them extremely durable. They are also flexible as they can be paired with any of Nord Drivesystem’s electric motors”.

The Maxxdrive helical gear unit provides power from 1.5kW to 4000kW and is available in 11 sizes. These are supplied with various output shafts to ensure optimum connection for any application. In addition they can also be supplied with double or triple input shafts, IEC input flanges for direct connection of electric motors, output flanges and a range of suitable torque arms.

The bevel unit in the Maxxdrive range can be used under very extreme conditions as they can withstand fluctuating ambient conditions thanks to a temperature management system. Various cooling and heating options are available and for maximum flexibility, and the gear units are fitted with easily accessible back stops for quick and simple changes to the direction of rotation. Taconite sealing on the input and output shafts guarantees a robust sheild againts dusty or wet environments and accessible greasing points ensure maintenance can be undertaken efficiently.

Nord’s development has also extended into engineered baseplates where mounting of fluid couplings, disc brakes, auxiliary drives, oil coolers and other accessories can be connected, tested and delivered as a full package solution for the end user.