Faro has released the Cobalt 3D Imager, a metrology-grade non-contact scanner that uises blue light technology to capture millions of high-resolution 3D co-ordinate measurements in seconds.

The Cobalt 3D Imager is equipped with dedicated on-board processors – an industry first – and a smart sensor that allows unique multi-imager array configurations. An unlimited number of 3D imagers can be placed in array configurations virtually anywhere in a manufacturing process, all scanning simultaneously and controlled by a single computer.

Ideal for integration within the production environment, Cobalt can also be installed in more conventional ways, such as in conjunction with a rotary table, robot, or industrial inspection cell. Cobalt captures and processes millions of 3D data points in seconds. With high resolution, automatic exposure and high dynamic range, Cobalt can handle complex parts with fine details, varying colours, textures and reflectivity. Cobalt delivers fast, consistent measurements, independent of the operator, for quality inspection and reverse engineering applications on parts, assemblies, and tools.

“The FARO Cobalt 3D Imager delivers reliable and accurate 3D scan data within an automated workflow,” stated Dr Simon Raab, FARO’s President and CEO. “With no restrictions on the number of sensors in an array, the sky is the limit for improving inspection cycle time, making it an exciting new product that enhances the FARO portfolio for in-process or near-process inspection. The price and capabilities of Cobalt make it a cost-effective, versatile, and convenient tool that delivers a rapid return on investment for customers in a variety of metrology and product design applications.”

Dr Raab added: “We are particularly proud of Cobalt’s patent-pending on-board processing feature, which ultimately helps simplify the integration of the sensor into advanced production environments. Coupled with Faro’s CAM2 Measure 10 software, an unlimited number of Cobalt sensors can simultaneously capture large surface areas or complex assemblies. The configurable field of view, intelligent on-board point cloud processing and resolution can adapt to multiple measurement needs.”

The Faro Cobalt 3D Imager is designed for quick and easy integration onto the production floor, and seamlessly connects with the full-featured Faro CAM2 Measure 10 metrology software.