Iscar has launched the LogIQ campaign to introduce a new standard in cutting tool excellence.

As a longstanding industry leader and innovator in the world of metalworking, Iscar has taken the IQ concept of machining intelligently even further by applying logical improvements to tool development. The result is the LogIQ range of tooling solutions that both predicts and fulfils customer needs. LogIQ represents a smart logical progression in a series of strategic moves to implement Industry 4.0 standards while ensuring continuity and stability.

Industry 4.0 directives – to integrate interoperability, technical task assistance and decentralised decision-making into factory practices – challenge machining centres to review their operations and adopt procedures to meet these objectives. Machining logically responds to this need. Iscar provides the tools to make it happen.

LogIQ applications have created new tool families, upgraded existing lines, and inspired innovative product ranges to maximise equipment utilisation and optimise performance. Listening to customer concerns and staying ahead of market developments, Iscar’s product managers, research & development (R&D) engineers and designers have combined their expertise and experience to develop highly effective and logical tool solutions that meet today’s machining centre demands.

In an industry where every second makes a difference and every movement counts, logical strategic design and tactical enhancement of even the most basic cutting tool can contribute to increased productivity, less wastage and lower costs.

LogIQ’s unrivalled, out-of-the-box tool innovations include new cutting geometries and locking mechanisms for stable, vibration-free machining with higher repeatability. The indexable inserts are equipped with sophisticated chip formers and contain geometries that facilitate soft cuts at high feed rates.

Solid carbide tools are enriched with new designs that feature substantially increased anti-vibration strength – a key factor for boosting productivity in unfavourable cutting conditions. The latest cemented carbide grades reflect Iscar’s forward-looking knowledge and know-how in powder metallurgy and coating technologies. The toolholding line includes new heat-shrink-fit and vibration-dampening devices, which significantly improve performance when tool rigidity is critical.

The new LogIQ milling solutions include strong, durable inserts and milling heads with enhanced capabilities. The LogIQ turning applications offer new solutions to decrease machining loads, produce thinner and wider chips, and resolve vibration issues and coolant flow capabilities. The LogIQ drilling tool concepts provide advanced productivity solutions for high accuracy and repeatability, to reduce machine cycle time and produce high-end machined components.

The LogIQ lines feature LogIQ3CAM to significantly improve drilling productivity; LogIQ4TURN for enhanced performance in general-duty turning operations; LogIQ4FEED, which enables rough milling at high metal removal rates; LogIQ8TANG, a new 90-degree square milling shoulder; LogIQ5GRIP, a versatile and high-efficiency solution for parting and grooving, and other tool families comprising hundreds of new products; each designed and developed to perform essential tasks in the most efficient possible method.

From concept to realisation, LogIQ-inspired tools reflect Iscar’s commitment to create and deliver high-quality products that contribute to increasing productivity and profitability. The fourth generation of the Industrial Revolution has unveiled new standards and requirements for machining metals. Iscar is at the forefront of this important industry trend, developing relevant technologies and implementing methods of effective machining to reflect and respond to the dynamic needs of the metalworking industry.