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She cites the example of Patriot

Campers, which Klugo helped onto




company, Patriot grew out of a

couple’s passion for building their own

camper trailers. Fellow campers soon

started asking them to make more and

the business quickly snowballed after

it started selling in the US. Moving to

NetSuite helped Patriot in many ways.

“It’s been a very fast journey for them

as well,” Kloe says. “The software has

enabled them to become a lot more

efficient in what they do and also be

able to expand internationally. If you’ve

got paper-based systems and you don’t know where things are and

you can’t track your orders and you’re manufacturing, it’s very hard

to know where you’re at and make some sound decisions.

“They’ve made some very good calls along the way. Their challenge

now is making enough changes. They’re out now to seven or eight

months delivery times because they’ve got such demand for their

trailers at the moment.”

NetSuite combines the manufacturing module, financials and

customer relationship management into one tool that can work

across borders through its currency management systems.

“Nearly all businesses will be leaping into the cloud in the next five

to 10 years and on-premise software will become a thing of the

past,” says Kloe.

A Patriotic story

Annaliese Kloe is passionate about how a NetSuite implementation can help a fast-growing manufacturing company

grow more efficiently, just as it did for her own family’s Headland Machinery.

Klugo has worked closely with

manufacturers such as Patriot, and

Kloe sees plenty of room for growth,

particularly into services industries and

in other areas such as medical devices

that need regular servicing.

“Manufacturing in particular is a later

adopter of theCloud-based technology,

but because it’s so cost-effective that’s

driving most of the growth in the

industry,” Kloe adds. “With Headland,

we were quite savvy with our IT, but

you get to a point where you can’t do

any more with the systems that you’ve

got that are band-aided together.” Kloe

is particularly confident about how companies can extend those

savings and reduce complexity out along the value chain to include

both customers and suppliers.

“Information will come in through your system and then

communicating with your suppliers to buy more raw materials or to

say ‘my machine is down, I need a service guy and automatically

send that notification to that service person,” says Kloe. Using the

cloud-based ERP means any company can simply log on a new

employee or grow a unit with an internet browser. It’s also attractive

to younger workers.

“Younger generations have an expectation of doing that,” says

Kloe. “And the new systems in the cloud allow that flexibility in the


Each one works very closely with the others to ensure that complex

domestic and international manufacturing projects are making

use of world-best technology and expertise. Grant Preston from

SolidCAM explains how the trio formed.

“Archer has invested heavily with Okuma, which supplies and

supports their CNC machines, and SolidCAM has a technical

partnership with Okuma,” says Preston. “We specialise in

supporting their products, in particular, their complex mill-turns

which Archer relies on.

“We know the Okuma machines very well and offer a unique set of

skills that take into account all of Archer’s capabilities. We modify

and update post-processors with custom options and to suit

new features in our software. Archer takes full advantage of our

services so that it can maximise efficiency in production. In addition,

SolidCAM works seamlessly with SolidWorks CAD/CAM software,

which is Archer’s preferred design tool. So, you have a closed loop

in which all of the technology understands the others.”

Preston says SolidCAM enjoys being a part of Archer’s success:

“Archer is a pleasure to deal with and one of our major SolidCAM

implementation success stories. We often use Archer as a reference

for new customers. Our relationship with Archer has strengthened

our technical relationship with Okuma.”

Archer’s Operations Director Russ Byrne adds: “Collaboration has

been a big part of Archer’s philosophy since the beginning. For

A collaborative trio in advanced manufacturing

Precision manufacturing company Archer Engineering, machine centre supplier Okuma and CAM software developer

SolidCAM have been working as a ‘co-operative’ since 2013.

example, we made the decision to embrace Okuma and Sandvik

as manufacturing technology partners 25 years ago. More recently

we chose to align ourselves with SolidCAM, which is a world leader.

We work alongside them continually, often being the first in Australia

to purchase new products when they are released, in our quest for


Byrne says one piece of SolidCAM technology that has been a

real gamechanger for them is the iMachining solution exclusive

to SolidCAM. The revolutionary CAM toolpath and patented

Technology Wizard provide automatic optional feed and speed

values for different materials for first-cut success. By optimising

tool cutting angles and feed rates, and enabling faster, deeper

machining, iMachining delivers “unbelievable” cycle time savings

and too life extension.

Byrne has heard of SolidCAM customers saving over 70% on

cycle-times and extending cutters up to ten times, and he says

Archer has definitely seen a big improvement in those areas.

“It is very common for us to meet with SolidCAM and Okuma before

we start work on a project to make sure we are applying the best

available tools and processes. The partnership has helped us to

deliver outstanding solutions to our customers around the world.”