Visitors to Austech 2015 will get to experience first-hand how the shape of manufacturing equipment is changing.

Those who walk through the doors of Australia’s premier advanced precision manufacturing and machine tool show, at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre from 26 to 29 May 2015, will have a world of manufacturing opportunities open before their eyes. Of course it takes all areas of manufacturing, including tooling, workholding, software and systems integration, to come together to create a complete solution, but machine tools are one important piece of the manufacturing puzzle.

This year, Austech will once again host all the world’s leading machine tool builders under one roof, showcasing the latest machine tool configurations and also stylings that are notably different and fresh. The slowly recovering but still very challenging conditions of the Australian market for machine tools and other equipment make Austech of keen interest to local suppliers.

“Given the current conditions inside Australia’s metal manufacturing sector, it’s important that business owners and operators can examine the next investment steps in manufacturing technology they must take to rebuild their competitive position in the global arena,” comments Phil Hayes, Managing Director of Okuma Australia & NZ. “The machine tool field has been somewhat difficult for the past three years but that has not prevented us from making available the very latest, market-leading and innovative technology from Okuma.”

Okuma will showcase three levels of new technology, including five-axis machining, as Hayes explains: “New advanced technology machine models of five-axis milling with turning and ten-axis turning with milling, amazing advances in the user-interface of Okuma’s own OSP controller technology, and packaged, kit-style automation solutions – these are central to the technology investments Australian manufacturers must make to keep pace with overseas manufacturing trends that are well advanced.”

Rebuilding a competitive position requires local manufacturers to do several things: investing in new and highly-efficient equipment; automating; and training and retraining. One of the recent major trends in machine tool technology is five-axis machining. Now, many manufacturers might think they don’t have five-axis work. And yes, very often three-axis machining or machining cells of several more affordable machine tools might be more efficient, depending on the job.

However, every shop has work that would benefit from a five-axis machine, as a five-axis machining centre also facilitates five-sided machining, for instance. Even if there are no parts requiring simultaneous five-axis work, such as impellers or turbines, the parts produced can be more profitable when machined on a five-axis machining centre.

Automation solutions and efficient and innovative control systems are indeed important pieces in the manufacturing puzzle for those who want to stay competitive. And there are amazing developments happening. Today, the CNC systems used to run machines are morphing into units that imitate our mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices.

DMG MORI, for instance, has recently released its innovative CELOS user interface, which provides a uniform user interface for all new high-tech machines from DMG MORI. A unique 21.5-inch multi-touch screen displays all CELOS apps, which provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data. Additionally, machine operation is simplified, standardised and automated. Many of our local manufacturers will have already seen this innovative technology at overseas shows such as IMTS in Chicago last year, and Austech organiser AMTIL is hopeful that visitors will get a chance to see CELOS at the show in Melbourne.

Of course, five-axis machining, mill-turn or turn-mill machining are just a few examples of the considerations manufacturers can take into account when thinking about increasing their shop’s efficiency to remain globally competitive. Companies like Alfex CNC, John Hart, Amada, Headland, GWB, Techni Waterjet or Stratasys will show how we are shaping workpieces, with additive processes, subtractive processes, or even both processes on the same machine. They show how we use lasers, waterjets, ultrasonics, electrical discharges and vibrations to shape and change materials.

Exciting technologies, not to be missed!

“As Australia’s premier manufacturing technology event, Austech provides Australian industry with a local opportunity to view and assess new and emerging global technologies with a view to keeping their businesses lean, efficient and competitive,” is how John Hart’s National Marketing & Sales Manager Mark Dobrich put it when asked why companies should visit the show. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Austech will be an important event in Australian manufacturing, in the sense that it will be an indicator of the shape manufacturing is in. We look forward to welcoming you to our show.

For more information about Austech 2015 or to enquire about booking exhibition space, please call AMTIL on 03 9800 3666, or email Events Manager Kim Warren on Alternatively, visit the Austech website, where you can now register as a visitor.