AMTIL has established an Export Hub in partnership with the Federal Government to help local companies in the rail and road, passenger and freight supply chains find new customers and new export markets

The Hub will help local manufacturers build their export capabilities, discover export opportunities and showcase their products, technologies and services to international audiences.

Capturing international customers and market opportunities will help local businesses grow and sustain their transport technologies for future success.

About the Export Hub

The Export Hub will improve access for local companies to Australian original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the rail and road sectors, to promote local suppliers as capable of contributing to the OEM global supply chain.

A key early activity within the Export Hub will be to address identified gaps to becoming “Export Ready”, both within each firm and the broader supply chain. Development of individual and consortia capability, identification of the unique value proposition and an Export Plan will be offered through Registered Service Providers.

Getting involved

The Export Hub is open for all businesses and individuals to participate in, whether you are active in the rail, road, passenger or freight sectors, or interested in the opportunity to engage in those areas.

If your business is looking to explore international opportunities in rail, road, passenger or freight the Export Hub can help connect you with world-class industry and support organisations relevant to your needs.


This project has received grant funding from the Australian Government’s SME Export Hubs grant opportunity.


Phil Bourke,
Export Hub Manager

T: 0411 773 243

Statement of Activities

August 2019 – Statement of Activities Report