Konecranes has installed two new five-tonne CXT overhead cranes with wire rope hoists at specialist welding and fabrication company TFG, in Perth, Western Australia.

The two cranes, each with a 14m span, will be used in TFG’s new production facility to lift a wide range of parts for general engineering projects. The cranes will enable TFG to optimise quality and safety, while maximising usable space and uptime.

“Konecranes not only gave us excellent productivity and safety with their cranes, but their sales team were very professional and experienced,” says TFG’s Managing Director, Justin Anderson. “They made the effort to come and see the facility so they could ensure we got the best product for our specifications.”

TFG performs a range of engineering and fabrication services for food and beverage, energy, oil and gas, mining, minerals processing and bulk handling industries at its WA facility. The company is the stainless steel accredited fabricator for Water Corp in WA and has a specialised expertise in welding, fabrication and exotic metals.

“The CXT cranes maximise our usable space,” says Anderson. “They allow us to use every square inch of the workshop by giving us more floor space and being able to fit into smaller spaces.”

TFG is also planning to install TruConnect remote monitoring and reporting on both cranes, which will provide real-time data via a modem so the company can log in and see exactly how the equipment is operating.

Konecranes Managing Director Brad Hyem says that TruConnect provides users with a clear view of their crane’s usage through continuous data collection.

“For the customer, this means improved safety and higher efficiency because crane maintenance can be planned according to the crane’s actual usage,” says Hyem. “TFG has a strong focus on quality, which fitted well with Konecranes’ corporate culture. Businesses like TFG make highly specialised parts, so it is essential that everything is done with the utmost level of safety, which Konecranes was able to provide.”

CXT wire rope hoists

CXT wire rope hoists utilise the latest advanced technology from the Konecranes group to extend hoist operation cycles, safety and durability. The versatile hoist can be adapted to a huge variety of applications and ensures reliably operation, regardless of the conditions.

Its compact dimensions allow the CXT to utilise smaller spaces more efficiently, and different trolley configurations maximise the lifting height potential. To further optimise the efficiency of the crane, the empty hook can be driven with up to 50% higher speeds compared with the loaded hook, allowing the operator to choose the most efficient way to operate the hoist.

CXT hoists also come with a range of optional features for customers who are looking to further increase their efficiency and performance. The latest CXT wire rope hoists are available with smart features including:

  • Adaptive Speed Range (ASR) – This allows very slow speeds, which are important in the moment of load lift-off and lowering. It also has the ability to lift up to 50% faster than traditional hoisting control. ASR is typically used in light-to-medium lifting.
  • Extended Speed Range (ESR) – This is an extension of the ASR that allows even slower speeds. ESR is typically used in heavy-to-very-heavy lifting.
  • Load control – Designed to make the operator’s work safer and more productive.
  • Positioning and area control – Designed to assist the operator in positioning the load more efficiently and accurately. It also allows the crane’s working area to be adapted to the varying physical layout of individual facilities and production lines.

Operating under the global marketing signature ‘Hooked on Safety’, Konecranes has a worldwide culture of safety as a first priority for all customers and staff. Its crane condition and compliance inspections are designed to ensure compliance with local regulations, and to identify issues that may affect safety and productivity. The inspections provide information for planning predictive maintenance actions designed to improve the reliability and safety of cranes, leading to optimum uptime and whole-of-life efficiency. As well as ongoing crane maintenance services for many of Australasia’s leading companies, Konecranes has introduced dedicated Crane Reliability Surveys and Third Party Inspections services to ensure that users of all makes and models of cranes are fully compliant with the latest Australian Standards.