1555 Centre Rd
Clayton Victoria 3168

Telephone: 03 9541 7860
Email: andrew.bartlett@au.bosch.com
Website: www.bosch.com.au

Key Contacts

Andrew Bartlett - Strategic Project Manager

Email: andrew.bartlett@au.bosch.com  |  Telephone: +61 3 95415295 | Mobile:


Since 1886 the name Bosch has been synonymous with quality. We are widely recognised as a world leader in technology and innovation.

With a breadth of industries and products that extend from automotive, healthcare, energy, power tools and whitegoods, on average Bosch applies for 15 new patents every day for advanced and new technologies.

Within Bosch Australia, there is our Manufacturing Solutions division, globally recognised for their innovative work in engineering services.

What We Do

Bosch’s engineers from the Manufacturing Solutions division are highly skilled at understanding the entire lifecycle of a project, starting at its genesis.

Our flexibility in manufacturing solutions has allowed us to create:

-Improvement of yield and throughput of assembly lines.
-Design, building, installing and integrating assembly lines for both low/mid volume applications and highly automated, high volume applications.
-Development of various assembly and joining processes.
-Integrating equipment into different servers / Manufacturing Execution Systems.
-Facilitating Design for Manufacture processes reviews resulting in significant material, labour and equipment savings along with establishing robust and reliable manufacturing solutions.

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Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Automotive, Plastics and Chemical, Engineering Design, Food, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Electrical

Forming and Fabrication

Aluminium Fabrication, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication >6 mm plate

Process Control & Measurement

Hand Held Instruments

Robotics/Automation & Control

Sensors, Robotics, Systems Integrator

Materials Handling and Logistics

Material Conveying Systems