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Key Contacts

Simon Biancucci - Chief Financial Officer

Email: SimonBiancucci@techniwaterjet.com  |  Telephone: +61 3 9357 8182 | Mobile:


Mission Statement:
To be a world leader in the manufacture and development of Waterjet Cutting Technology. To be a team of dedicated people working in a safe and friendly environment, always trying to improve ourselves and be dedicated to total customer satisfaction. To always lead from the front.

Service – Quality – Reliability
Techni Automation is committed to offering machines of the highest Quality. The Techjet has been designed specifically for the very tough abrasive waterjet environment. It uses a minimum of moving parts, which have been manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. This ensures the Reliability of the Techjet machines for many years after their installation. This is all backed up by highly trained Service Technicians, who will treat any problem you might encounter with the urgency you, the Customer, requires.

What We Do

Our team includes experienced engineers, practical technicians, skilled tradesmen and a highly trained sales network, with offices situated in America, Australia, India and Singapore, who can offer a solution that is customised to suit your exact requirements. We take the time to listen and learn exactly what you need and then provide the answer in the form that best suits the way you work and the products you manufacture.

Techni Automation is committed to offering systems of the highest quality. All systems are designed specifically for the very tough Waterjet environment. We use a minimum of moving parts and manufacture from corrosion resistant materials, to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our machines for many years with minimum maintenance.

Techniwater jet can also put you in touch with our customers directly who offer waterjet cutting services such as glass cutting, glass drilling, stone cutting, aluminium cutting, rubber cutting, foam cutting, MDF cutting and more


Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Defense, General Engineering, Shipbuilding/Marine

Manufacturing Management Software

Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)

Profile Cutting