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Key Contacts

Mr Bill Dennis - Marketing Manager

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Mastercut technologies are the leading manufacturer of thin metal components using photo-chemical etching and laser cutting processes. The following is a brief summary of our capability but our experience and expertise covers a wide range of industries and processes.

Precision laser cut Solder Paste Stencils made on-site.
Laser cutting of Stainless up to 3mm
Co2 laser cutting of soft materials including silicone, rubber, wood and some plastics
Shim supplies to customer requiremnets
Stock holding of SS shim from 0.025mm – 0.4mm off 600mm coils
Photo Chemical Machining (PCM), Cutting or Etching creates precision parts through the selective removal of almost any type of metal, using chemicals.

Intricate, high tolerance precision parts can be manufactured with shapes and detail unmatched by conventional methods.

RF, EMI shielding and precision components can be plated with a variety of finishes (gold, nickel, tin etc.) and then formed to your specifications.

What We Do

Solder Paste Stencils:
Mastercut Technologies uses the most advanced Solder Paste Stencil cutting technology. The system has been specifically designed to manufacture stainless steel SMD solder paste and adhesive stencils.
The result is a stencil of unsurpassed quality and accuracy.

Signs, Labels and Panels:
Our Chemical Milling process enables us to manufacture high quality recessed or embossed signs, labels and front panels on a wide range of thicknesses.

Mimic Panels, Signs, Nameplates and Plaques can be electroplated or paint filled as required.

Other Products:

RF Shielding, EMI Shielding, PCB shielding, shims, prototype electrical contacts, Jewellery cutting.
Laser cutting of soft materials and laser marking.


Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Engineering Design, Food, General Engineering, Mining/Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical, Shipbuilding/Marine, Telecommunications

Material Removal


Forming and Fabrication

Flat Bending and folding, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Stamping, Turret Punch, Sheet Metal Fabrication >6 mm plate

Profile Cutting

Water-Jet, Laser

Process Control & Measurement

CMM, Hand Held Instruments

Additive & Digital Manufacturing


Raw Material

Ferrous Metal - Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass/Bronze, Aluminium, Polymer and Plastics