2/1368 Heatherton Road
Dandenong Victoria 3175

Telephone: 03 8710 4100
Email: adrian@laser3d.com.au
Website: www.laser3d.com.au

Key Contacts

Adrian Maloney - General Manager

Email: adrian@laser3d.com.au  |  Telephone: 03 8740 4100 | Mobile:


LASER 3D supplies Australia’s large and small manufacturing companies with on time, quality, cost effective laser cut product.

LASER 3D understands that its employees play an integral part in the success of the company. The experience and knowledge of LASER 3D staff means continuous improvement in all facets of the laser cutting process – from order entry right through to delivery.

An investment in staff training coupled with advanced staff knowledge of the manufacturing industry enables better solutions and superior service to all customers.

LASER 3D has been servicing customers for 25 years.
Collectively LASER 3D employees have over 350 years’ experience in the laser cutting industry.
Each year, LASER 3D’s production machines collectively perform 50,000 hours laser cutting.

What We Do


LASER 3D Technical capabilities and services include Laser cutting, Tube cutting, Pipe cutting, 5 Axis laser Cutting, Rotary cutting, Folding, Fabrication, Cutting & folding, Welding – MIG & TIG, Prototypes. Metal finishes and Drawing / CAD Specifications.

LASER 3D works with you. A manageable and flexible manufacturing process means production facilities can be quickly adapted. This process enables varying and urgent deadlines to be met.

Dedicated suppliers and large warehouse space means LASER 3D maintains the necessary stock holdings to provide fast turnaround. In rare cases where additional stock orders may be required, established, long term supplier relationships means that LASER 3D receives priority service to meet your requirements.


Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Agriculture/Agribusiness, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Engineering Design, General Engineering, Mining/Oil/Gas, Packaging, Rail Transport, Road Transport, Shipbuilding/Marine, Environmental and Sustainable Energy

Material Removal

Milling type

Forming and Fabrication

Flat Bending and folding, Pressing, Welding, Aluminium Fabrication, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Structural and Heavy Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication >6 mm plate

Profile Cutting