6 Clarice Road
Box Hill Victoria 3128

Telephone: 03 9896 9500
Email: david.steedman@maton.com.au
Website: www.maton.com.au

Key Contacts

Mr David Steedman - General Manager

Email: david.steedman@maton.com.au  |  Telephone: 03 9896 9500 | Mobile:


Maton is an Australian manufacturer of guitars and other fretted musical instruments. Maton was founded in 1946 as the Maton Musical Instruments Company by Bill May and his brother Reg.

Maton Guitars is where some of the finest quality guitars in the world come to life, each with a unique character and tone. Every Guitar embodies the passion and skill of the craftsmen who are part of our team, each of them drawing on the years of experience and dedication necessary to produce a truly remarkable instrument.

Maton specialises in creating superbly crafted guitars from Australian timbers such as Blackwood, bunya, Queensland Maple, Queensland Walnut and now Satin Box. Bill May pioneered the use of many Australian wood species in guitar construction and is regarded by many Australian luthiers as the founding father of their industry. The Maton team are constantly investigating new materials and techniques in the pursuit of creating the world’s finest guitars.


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