107 Carnarvon Street
Silverwater New South Wales 2128

Telephone: 02 9648 5855
Email: peter@rode.com
Website: www.rodemic.com

Key Contacts

Mr Peter Freedman - Managing Director

Email: peter@rode.com  |  Telephone: 02 9648 5855 | Mobile:


RØDE Microphones – a uniquely Australian owned and operated audio company.
Comprising of two warehouses with a total footprint of over 30,000 square feet, the RØDE state-of-the-art plant has over 30 million dollars in precision machinery and a support staff of more than 140 people. As well as our main hub in Sydney, we also have offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong, making RØDE a truly global company.

From its humble beginning in the 1990s RØDE Microphones has gone from strength to strength on the global stage and has become the go-to microphone for a variety of industries.
RØDE employs the latest technology and precision machinery to continue to keep its products at world-class standards and at a great price.
Over the years RØDE has been recognized as industry leaders in design and business having received numerous Red Dot awards, Australian International Design awards and most recently being recognised as the Australian Manufacturing Exporter of the year.


Material Removal

Multi-Tasking (Mill/Turn)