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Key Contacts

Mr Paul Hearne - Director

Email: paulh@limelitesales.com.au  |  Telephone: 03 9465 8235 | Mobile:


All LimeLite products are designed and made in Australia.

LimeLite’s national distribution network of agents work with the commercial and architectural sector of the lighting industry. This results in the market always being up to speed with our new and exciting innovative releases.

LimeLite was registered as a business in 1996 when the company started consulting for the House of Light Victoria. In 2002 LimeLite saw an opportunity to develop a range of luminaires which were missing in other lighting catalogues. This is where the LimeLite Up/Down Range was designed, manufactured and entered the lighting market.

LimeLite was encouraged by Lighting Engineers, Architects and Lighting Designers to produce Lights to met their needs.

LimeLite started its assembly of products in a work shop at home for 4 years. As the business expanded, a larger premises and work force was required. LimeLite moved to a factory in Thomastown where 2 years later the business again expanded and required another factory of 3 times the size. LimeLite has now expanded again, acquiring the factory next door, doubling in size. This is where LimeLite proudly designs and manufactures their product range.