1/85 Salmon Street
Port Melbourne Victoria 3207

Telephone: 03 9646 3331
Email: info@sententbionics.com
Website: www.sentientbionics.com

Key Contacts

Mr Paul Boxer - Managing Director

Email: info@sententbionics.com  |  Telephone: 03 9646 3331 | Mobile:


We've been developing anthropomorphic robotic grippers in Melbourne for over half a decade. During that time we have worked with prosthetic users, hospitals and industry partners to develop a range of grippers suitable to satisfy everyday human and robotic needs.

Familiarity, versatility and affordability are the core of our ethos and so we have developed hands which allow people and robots to interact in a natural, and effective way.

Sentient Bionics also offers engineering consultation, contact us for assistance with rapid prototype development and mechanical/mechatronic design.