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Envision IT specialises in developing solutions to smoothly improve productivity and efficiency of organisations quicker without disruption. We usher in business and digital transformation quicker at low costs through smart use of technology (such as DK Sense, IoT) and by cost effectively upgrading your old and legacy systems.


DK Sense is a complete out of the box plug and play product for monitoring and integrating enterprise systems. It comes complete with hardware and software preconfigured to start monitoring within minutes. Live and past data can be viewed and analysed on your phone or web browser from anywhere at any time.

DK Sense collects data such as current, voltage, temperature, vibration, speed, levels, distance, concentration etc. from your equipment such as motors, pumps, IoT devices, probes, sensors etc. It analyses this data to provide you the status of manufacturing process such as product manufactured or predict failure of equipment.

DK Sense comes with utilities to connect with your CRM, ERP, PLC, SCADA systems. These utilities create a single, easy to use system for managing manufacturing operations. You can manage your operations using web based and/or App based systems. Additionally, you can add video feed to view operations. You can receive Alarm alerts through push notifications in Real-time.

When your CRM, ERP and other systems are old and you do not wish to upgrade them now, DK Sense will extend their life by providing you an easy to use system that connects to these systems.

Advantage of DK Sense lies in its simplicity and low cost. Developed in Australia, the product is known for very high reliability and highly responsive support. It costs just about $4000 EX GST for 8 channel monitoring with a monthly subscription from $120 EX GST. Please call us for 30 days free trial.


If you have old and legacy systems and worried about their upgrade, contact us. We specialise in providing solutions to cost effectively upgrade the:

  1. software licenses such as Windows, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
  2. custom software applications and going a step further
  3. deliver business and digital transformation by streamlining business processes and aligning them with current requirements

Typically all our projects are fixed costs and usually delivered quicker than you would think.


Industry Sectors

Defense, Energy, Food, General Engineering, Health Care/Medical, Mining/Oil/Gas, Rail Transport, Road Transport


Sensors, Controls, Vision System, Systems Integrator