37/51 Wellington Street
Collingwood Victoria 3066

Telephone: 0419 398 151
Email: kate.iles@t2tea.com
Website: www.t2tea.com

Key Contacts

Ms Kate Iles - Head of Design

Email: kate.iles@t2tea.com  |  Telephone: | Mobile: 0419 398 151


It’s in our DNA to do things differently.  To be different.  Think different.  Drink different. T2 was born out of a desire to be unlike anything else, to break the mould and challenge the way things are done.

We are a magnet for individuality because there’e no tea brand out there like us.  No one looks like us, sounds like us or acts like us.  So who better to celebrate standing out than a tea brand that has always stood out?  Sip by sip, cup by cup, at T2 we’re making it our mission to use the humble brew to fuel conversations around diversity and inclusion.