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Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand --- 0610

Telephone: 64 9 837 7304
Email: shayne.jones@aspectpt.com
Website: www.aspectpt.com

Key Contacts

Ms Shayne Jones - Business Development Manager

Email: shayne.jones@aspectpt.com  |  Telephone: 64 9837 7304 | Mobile: 64 21 740 250

Ms Annabel Huskinson - Marketing Manager

Email: annabel.huskinson@aspectpt.com  |  Telephone: 64 9 282 4918 | Mobile: 64 21 745 663

Mr Bob Dedekind - Technical Manager

Email: bob.dedekind@aspectpt.com  |  Telephone: 64 9930 6642 | Mobile: 64 21 304 343


Aspect Productivity Technology developed AspectPL software that digitises production for manufacturing businesses. AspectPL bridges the data gap between manufacturing work orders, production, quality and despatch and integrates with any ERP system.

AspectPL quickly and easily creates the production schedule. Drag and drop work orders into AspectPL to create a live schedule that is linked to production machines.

 AspectPL can integrate with an existing ERP system using a single PLC. Production orders can flow both ways.

 AspectPL is mobile, runs in real time and offers production visibility to diagnose production problems.

 AspectPL increases manufacturing efficiencies with data and analysis for both operational and executive management.

AspectPL is affordable with a one-off establishment cost and a monthly software license fee (SaaS)


Industry Sectors

Plastics and Chemical, Food, Packaging, Pharmaceutical

Manufacturing Management Software

Manufacturing execution system (MES)