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Key Contacts

Mr Howard Friend - National Sales

Email: sales@speedieengineering.com.au  |  Telephone: 03 9791 4888 | Mobile:


Founded by John & Elizabeth Hamm in their garage in 1953 and incorporated in 1962, Speedie Engineering has over 60 years experience in sheet metal, machining, mechanical engineering, design and product development. After John’s untimely death in 1962, Elizabeth took over the reigns of the company and managed it until 1993  and today is now operated by her daughter Sue.

Speedie has worked with companies from a wide range of industries designing products incorporating sheet metal, molded and formed plastics, machined components, electronics and now software.

In this time we have worked with some of the largest public and private organisations in the country and are well-equipped to handle industrial, commercial, consumer and medical product engineering from start to finish.

Speedie Engineering has been ISO certified since 2001, and are fully compliant with the current standard ISO 9001:2015. We work with many Public Partners and Private OEM companies from diverse industries including logistics, vehicles, justice, medical, pneumatic, electronic, communications, IT, defence, disability accessories, irrigation, architectural, food services, education, plumbing and energy.

Over the years the company has manufactured many sheet metal parts from gas heaters, ballistic devices, clothes dryers, motor vehicles to inlet ducts for power stations. The company is proud to have held long term contacts continuously for many years (in one case over 40 years) with many state governments and government owned corporations.


Industry Sectors

Automotive, Plastics and Chemical, Defense, Health Care/Medical, Road Transport, Telecommunications, Electrical