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Smithfield New South Wales 2164

Telephone: 02 8785 2000
Email: david.green@kemppi.com
Website: www.kemppi.com

Key Contacts

Mr David Green - Managing Director

Email: david.green@kemppi.com  |  Telephone: 02 8785 2000 | Mobile:


Kemppi is a company dedicated to welding excellence. Our offering includes welding solutions – intelligent equipment, welding management software and expert services – for both demanding industrial applications and ready-to-weld needs. Local expertise is available via our global partner network covering over 60 countries.


Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Agriculture/Agribusiness, Automotive, Plastics and Chemical, Construction, Defense, Education, Energy, Engineering Design, General Engineering, Health Care/Medical, Mining/Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical, Rail Transport, Road Transport, Shipbuilding/Marine, Environmental and Sustainable Energy, Water, Government

Accredited Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 - QMS + Design, ISO 14001 - QMS Environmental

Manufacturing Management Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM), Custom Software Developer

Material Removal

Milling type, CNC Router, Lathe type

Forming and Fabrication

Guillotining, Cropping, Pressing, Welding, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Plastic Fabrication, Stamping


Verification and Certification, Non-Destructive Testing


Robotics, Systems Integrator

General Engineering Supplies

Safety Protective Equipment

Skills and Learning

Private Provider

Research Institutes

Private, Public



Assembly, Turnkey and Maintenance Services

Total Turnkey Engineering Solution, Total Maintenance Solution