3/42 Ramset Drive
Chirnside Park Victoria 3116

Telephone: +61 407 619 399
Email: sam@conrytech.com
Website: www.conrytech.com

Key Contacts

Sam Ringwaldt - CEO

Email: sam@conrytech.com  |  Telephone: | Mobile: +61 407 619 399


Conry Tech Pty Ltd is a clean tech product development company, that in addition to its own innovations, also offers its expertise as a business development consultant.  Conry Tech specialises in HVAC, Renewable Energy, and technology innovation, and has been founded by experts in these fields.

Conry Tech seeks to create intelligent products that drive industries forward and provide a pathway towards a more sustainable world.  Inventing the future is the best way to be ready for it, and either a company can be first to the market, or they can be just another competitor. Conry Tech, through their award-winning team’s specialised experience and knowledge, is able to partner with ambitious leaders to help you turn your ideas into commercial products, and help you be first to market through our rapid technology development capabilities.

Conry Tech can provide highly technical know-how to help HVAC companies revamp and improve their product ranges, as the team at Conry Tech have been the industry leaders in designing and making cutting edge technology along with product development and redesign.  Conry Tech also offer strategic business management guidance, with a well-established history in developing and growing business, and setting up and running manufacturing facilities globally.


Industry Sectors

Engineering Design, General Engineering, Environmental and Sustainable Energy