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Derek Gancar - Business Development Manager

Email: derek@prp.company  |  Telephone: 1300 702 577 | Mobile: 0401 331 441


Process Rubber and Plastics Pty Ltd (PRP), was founded in 1991 by Director Steve Sernecki and has now become widely recognised as a leading supplier and manufacturer of a wide variety of industrial related products.

Starting out as die cutting specialists located within Holden Hill South Australia, PRP has grown and expanded its operations (March 2012) to a brand new complex located at Dudley Park. The facility features modern warehouse and production design, whilst also focusing on such principles as 5S and lean manufacturing to further enhance a functional, efficient, safe and sustainable working environment. Working in conjunction with a brand new quality management system (based on ISO 9001:2008), PRP endeavours to provide a complete and satisfying experience for its customers.

Originally with extensive experience in the manufacturer of gaskets, washers, and seals, PRP now facilitates various specialised machinery to handle a wide variety of profiles and projects. Adopting the latest in CNC flat bed cutting technology, PRP provides customised solutions such as rubber products, sponges, thermal insulation, packaging, case inserts, enclosures, and stencilling.

Along with machinery diversification, PRP adopts an extensive knowledge base in all varieties of rubber, sponge, foam, plastic, cork, fibre and specialised thermal materials. All of this has enables us to work with a diverse set of companies spanning many industries and locations, namely Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Tasmania.


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