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Thomas Macrokanis - Director

Email: tom@slikco.com  |  Telephone: | Mobile: 0418 117 197


“History tells us that a value shift is triggered by the creation of a new story about how we want to live” – Stewart Wallis, Executive Director of The New Economics Foundation.

The problem is simple – We have a growing population and no way to effectively provide sufficient housing and infrastructure.

The new story – ‘Housing us Sustainbly’. By providing the best cost-benefit construction and manufacturing service through leveraging new technology, principles and processes we believe we can provide the housing and infrastructure that we need.

Sustainability, the ability to maintain a certain rate or level, it is the ability to achieve balance across all macroeconomic factors. ‘Housing us sustainably’ in every way refers:

  1. Where we are building – Too much in one area is bad

  2. How we are building – Ensuring our machines produce the minimum of emissions. Design elements to ensure highest possible energy ratings. Producing only what we need and consuming only the amount of material we need.

  3. What we are building with – Eco-Friendly materials where possible

  4. What we are building – The building itself being maximised to reduce impact environmentally, socially, economically. Not just homes but chairs and retaining walls, up to multistory buildings.

  5. Why we are building – Just for jobs or because we actually need the shelter