62 Bardia Ave
Seaford Victoria 3198

Telephone: +61 3 9238 0770
Email: todd.hodge@inductotherm.com.au
Website: www.inductotherm.com.au

Key Contacts

Todd Hodge - Sales Manager

Email: todd.hodge@inductotherm.com.au  |  Telephone: +61 3 9238 0770 | Mobile:


Inductotherm Group Australia Pty Ltd, is one of 40 Inductotherm World Wide Group manufacturing companies. It manufactures and services induction melting furnaces, induction holding furnaces, pouring furnaces & induction heating equipment.

Inductotherm Group Australia along with many local agents provide an extensive network of induction sales and service engineers for the areas of South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The Inductotherm Group design and manufacture the most advanced induction melting furnaces for melting, holding and pouring for virtually all metal and material processing including, grey iron and ductile iron, steel, copper and copper-based alloys, aluminium, zinc, reactive metals, precious metals, silicon, and graphite induction heating, as well as numerous other special induction applications.

Metal is the material foundation for the world we live in today. We celebrate the importance of metal, the uniqueness of metal, and the infinite number of ways in which metal makes our lives better. Once transformed, metal can be a thousand different things. We are honored to be a part of our customer’s journey as they use our products to facilitate these transformations every day. At Inductotherm, we believe that Metal is what YOU make of it. We know what we can do with metal and we want to learn about what you do with metal. Call us so we can be part of your story.