Factory 1, 42 McArthurs Rd
Altona North Victoria 3025

Telephone: +61 413 896 021
Email: hugh@additiveengineering.com.au
Website: www.additiveengineering.com.au

Key Contacts

Hugh Tevelein - Managing Director

Email: hugh@additiveengineering.com.au  |  Telephone: | Mobile: +61 413 896 021


Additive Engineering is an Australia-based advanced manufacturer utilising proven additive manufacturing technology to manufacture consistent, high surface quality production parts more efficiently.


Additive Engineering provides contract manufacturing services on demand for a range of high performance materials including biocompatible Ti64AlV, Titanium alloys, Stainless Steel and a range of super alloys suitable for Medical, Aviation, Space, Defence, Maritime, and Resources industries.


Accelerate development, reduce risk and support sustainment by  relying on proven advanced platforms to enhance fleet readiness. Additive Engineering can improve speed to market by reducing lead time from product development, production to sustainment. Complex component designs are optimised for size, weight, power and cost (SwaP-C) applications, overcoming limitations of traditional manufacturing methods. Design for Additive Manufacturing consolidates parts, improves component performance by reducing weight and waste.


·       Contract manufacturing on demand reduces lead times and inventory costs

·       High performance superalloys suitable for aggressive environments; chemical, wear and corrosion resistance and hypersonics

·       One-off manufacture of legacy spare parts

·       Small volume production without minimum order quantities and tooling investment


Discriminators include

·       1-3 day turnaround of quality metal 3D printed components for speed to market.

·       Consistent, Industry-leading part quality; as-printed parts in a clean environment, are seamless and require little finishing.

·       Production standards modelled to meet medical and aerospace QMS requirements (ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100, ISO27001)

·       Assistance with design for additive manufacturing.

·       Viable, end to end production (including full finishing capabilities, heat treatment, polishing, sterilisation, and packaging) to complement manufacturing process without supply disruption risks.

·       Intricate print resolution starting from 0.02mm for metals and 0.06mm with polymer.


Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Defense, General Engineering, Health Care/Medical

Accredited Quality Management Systems

ISO 9002 - QMS, ISO 13485 - QMS Medical Devices, TGA - Medical Devices

Manufacturing Management Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Manufacturing execution system (MES), Tool Data Management/Tool Life Cycle Management (TDM - TLM)

Material Removal

Additive + Subtractive

Process Control & Measurement

Surface and Form Gauging, Hand Held Instruments, Verification and Certification

Additive & Digital Manufacturing

Metal, Polymer

Raw Material


Surface Treatment

Sandblasting, Deburring, Polishing

Heat Treatment

Stress Relieving and Annealing