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Key Contacts

Jenny Whiting - Marketing & Business Development Manager

Email: jenny.whiting@sydney.edu.au  |  Telephone: +61 2 9114 0566 | Mobile:


We are a consortium of university-based microscopy facilities united by values of collaboration, accessibility, excellence and innovationEach year, over 3,500 researchers from universities and industry use our instruments and expertise in facilities around Australia. Over 150,000 trainee microscopists around the world use our online training tools.

Microscopy Australia is funded by federal (NCRIS) and state governments and participating institutions. We report high-impact science outcomes from this investment in our annual Research Highlights and online news. We also engage the public in science with unique exhibitions and learning resources.

Microscopy Australia enables access to an array of high-end microscopy platforms and associated scientific expertise in strategic locations to efficiently service Australia’s microscopy needs. Microscopy Australia also has formal connections with a range of other specialised linked laboratories.


Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Agriculture/Agribusiness, Automotive, Plastics and Chemical, Construction, Defense, Education, Energy, Engineering Design, Financial Services, Food, General Engineering, Health Care/Medical, Insurance, Mining/Oil/Gas, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Rail Transport, Road Transport, Shipbuilding/Marine, Telecommunications, Environmental and Sustainable Energy, Logistics, Timber, Water, Fasteners and Lifting Hardware, Biotechnology, Electrical, Government