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Key Contacts

Mr Romeo Baseggio - Procurement Manager

Email: romeo@gpgraders.com  |  Telephone: 03 9585 9444 | Mobile:


Since 1963 GP Graders have been manufacturing machinery to meet the needs of growers and packers around the globe.

GP Graders is Australia’s leading supplier of fresh produce grading machinery and the world’s leading manufacturer of cherry sorting and packing machinery. We are also now well established in the shellfish industry with our technology revolutionising packing operations.

We have a focus on turn-key solutions and provide a complete range of sorting and grading machinery, designed and built with an emphasis on speed, accuracy and, most importantly, gentle handling.

Combining the very latest advances in technology coupled with precision engineering, our sorting and grading machinery increases the competitiveness and profitability of our customers. Machinery which significantly reduces operating costs and achieves higher quality grading standards that more than satisfies the most discerning domestic and export markets.