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Key Contacts

Mr Adam Watterson - Sales Director - Australia & New Zealand

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At GE Additive, we are passionate about the transformative power of advanced manufacturing. And as a notable user of additive technologies we recognise the value and potential it brings to modern design and manufacturing challenges.

What We Do

GE Additive launched Project A.T.L.A.S. (Additive Technology Large Area System) aimed at developing the next generation of large additive machines suitable for customers in industries such as aviation, space, energy and automotive. Knowing the intense level of quality demanded by these industries, Project A.T.L.A.S. utilised aerospace engineers to build on the technology previously developed by GE and combine it with Concept Laser’s expertise in DMLM (Direct Metal Laser Melting) laser additive machines.


Industry Sectors

Aerospace, Automotive, Health Care/Medical

Additive (3D Printing)

Metal, Polymer

Accounting and Finance

Private Finance or Non ADI


Engineering and Design