Modular, flexible and highly dynamic, the LinX range of tubular linear motors from ANCA Motion delivers improved performance even in harsh environments.

Applications such as packaging, labelling, sorting, and pick and place require robust and efficient actuation methods. Significant compromises are made by machine makers on linear actuation mechanisms used under harsh conditions.

This is where the LinX M-Series Linear Motor from ANCA Motion stands out as a lucrative solution offering better outcomes. LinX with its fully potted body and cylindrical design achieves higher IP ratings than conventional flatbed linear motors and rotary motors, and enables system integrators and original equipment manufacturers to target applications that were previously not on their radar.

The ability to achieve high speed and acceleration, the flexibility offered by its modular structure, and its higher IP rating make LinX an ideal choice for material handling applications within factory automation such as warehousing.

Thanks to its cylindrical design and direct drive nature, LinX motors do not wear on railings, significantly improving machine lifetime and drastically reducing maintenance costs. Larger spacing between the magnets and the machine base ensures that safety of operators is never compromised. The LinX range is designed to allow easy replacement of ball screw and pneumatic cylinders in existing machine designs.

Elan Anbanandam, Automation Product Manager at ANCA Motion, said: “Our cylindrical motors are highly dynamic with integrated position feedback giving absolute accuracy to ±0.5mm and resolution of 10μm. Their pneumatic retrofit-friendly mounting, direct drive nature, higher IP rating and the ability to achieve velocities of up to 10m per second make LinX M-Series motors suitable for a multitude of applications.”

ANCA Motion is an Australian developer and manufacturer of motion control systems, hardware, and software including for its sister company ANCA CNC Machines. ANCA has used LinX tubular linear motors for its globally renowned tool and cutter grinders since 2014. As experts in motion control, ANCA Motion’s local team provide bespoke solutions for custom needs. A world-leading supplier of flexible motion controls, ANCA Motion also offers a range of other automation products such as human machine interfaces, servo motors and servo drives.