New handheld fiber laser welder one of several products Applied will be exhibiting at Austech as part of Australian Manufacturing Week.

Applied Machinery will again be showcasing a diverse range of machines at Austech. Taking centre stage on the Applied stand will be a 9-Axis Yawei CNC pressbrake.

Yawei pressbrakes offer manufacturers access to affordable, precision CNC bending. With a range available from 35 ton up to 3000 ton there are virtually no limits to what can be bent.

The Yawei pressbrake on display is a PBH Series with a 160-ton bending capacity. It features a Delem DA-69T Controller, 6-axis CNC backgauge and a servo driven hydraulic system. An automatic tool clamping system, CNC bending help and robotic integration are amongst the additional options that are available.

Over the past decade Yawei has built a loyal following; establishing an enviable reputation for quality, performance and outstanding value for money. In addition to pressbrakes, Yawei has an extensive range of fiber lasers, turret punch presses, guillotines, and smart-factory automation solutions.

Also on the stand will be a Weber grinding and deburring machine. Weber is a German-based company with an impressive 100 years’ experience in grinding machine manufacturing. Weber grinding machines grind, round, deburr and descale lasered, punched and nibbled parts, to ensure a consistent, brilliant surface finish for either final use, or preparation for additional processing.

One of the most innovative products that will be on the Applied stand is the new Fanuci handheld fiber laser. Handheld laser welding machines are increasing in popularity for the many benefits they offer compared to conventional welding.

The Fanuci fiber laser welder provides high speed welding coupled with a far superior, smoother weld line. It features low heat input, small deformation, large penetration depth and good repeatability. The unit offers low energy consumption and is virtually maintenance free.

“There has never been a more important time to support Australian manufacturers. We’re proud to be able to play our role by supplying high quality, value for money products that boost productivity, improve quality and allow companies to expand their market offering,” Mr Fisher concluded.


Applied Machinery

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