The hydraulic press is an essential tool for metal forming or separating rusted parts. Presses also make the job easy when removing and installing bushing, ball-joints and bearings. Garage presses really show their value when straightening or flattening components.

Metalmaster garage presses range from 10 tonnes up to 50 tonnes in terms of capacity. They are ideal for home workshops or mechanical repair shops, and are well suited to the needs of engineering and light manufacturing applications.

The popular Metalmaster 20-tonne HP-20PP Workshop hydraulic press has a robust design and is constructed from industrial-grade C channel. The press has an adjustable sliding cylinder ram, a pressure gauge calibrated in both metric and imperial, and bending vee plates. The 20-tonne hydraulic ram and pump unit are also easily removed for use on other pressing jobs outside a workshop, such as straightening or bending.

The HP-20PP hydraulic press features an adjustable sliding head, allowing up to 320mm of travel between the centre of the vertical posts. To accommodate offset pressing jobs, the user simply loosens the clamping plate bolts and the head of the press can be moved sideways.

The Metalmaster HPF-50 trade press includes a convenient hand or foot operated pump that allows you to have both hands on your job when operating the foot pump. A unique feature of this 50-tonne press is its two-speed hydraulic system. This feature gives the benefit of rapid speed approach to get close to your work piece for increase productivity. The operator simply flicks over the dial switch into the slower working speed for increasing the pressure.

As with the HP-20PP, the HPF-50 press has an adjustable sliding head, providing up to 240mm travel between the vertical post, a table height adjusting winch, metric/imperial pressure gauge. Also included are two heavy-duty multipurpose vee block/pressing plates, making this press ideal for professional mechanics or industrial workshops.

According to Metalmaster distributor Hare & Forbes/Machinery House, this 50-tonne press exceeds the construction quality of today’s standard market versions, as this model features a fully robotic welded frame for the highest quality, accuracy and extra rigidity. To make the most out of your Metalmaster garage press productivity, a range of accessories are available including a 17-piece push driver set, a bearing race and seal driver set and an 11-piece steel press pin driver set.