NCG CAM Automated Toolpath Generator: Easy to Use and Learn – Powerful Machining Strategies – Cost Effective License Pricing – Perpetual Software License – No annual license fees.
NCG CAM is a high-end automated toolpath generator for complex part CNC machining. The toolpaths are calculated on a 3D CAD model produced in a 3D CAD software. NCG CAM does not have any 3D modelling capabilities as this is best done in one of the many 3D solids and surface modelling systems available.
NCG CAM reads all the standard file formats such as STL, IGES, STEP, RAW, CLD and VDA-FS but also directly interfaces with systems like PARASOLIDS, Pro-Engineer, CREO and CATIA. NCG CAM offers an extensive library of roughing and finishing strategies for producing excellent surface finishes at optimum machining times. NCG CAM is designed for shop floor machining workflow where the machinist has full control of the machining process. This type of workflow provides for large improvements in efficiency and overall part quality. NCG CAM is particularly suited to Mould, Tool and Die applications where accuracy and surface finish is important to minimise subsequent polishing operations.
A unique machining feature is adaptive area clearance which eliminates full width cuts using a concept similar to trochoidal milling. This cutting technique is aimed towards high speed machining with solid carbide cutters. It provides the ability to safely cut using the full length of the flute at the optimum cutting speed for the material and part. Tool wear is spread evenly, cutting more on the flute than the bottom of the cutter, reducing deflection and the potential for vibration by maintaining a constant load on the cutter. The technique is particularly suitable for cutting hard materials and also some electrode manufacturing. The strategy automatically adjusts the toolpath for efficient and safe machining, improving cutting conditions and allowing more consistent and possibly higher machining speeds to be maintained.
As well as significantly improving tooling life, adaptive area clearance can reduce machining time by an average of 25% over conventional roughing as the machine uses the full flute length of the cutting tool, and the machine runs at the optimum speed without exceeding its limits at an isolated point.
NCG CAM features optional 5-axis milling used to finish hard to reach areas. 5-axis machining allows or the use of shorter cutters, resulting in less vibration and better surface finish.

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