The NCG CAM v19 software can program 4 & 5-axis machines with fill simulation

NCG CAM is not so well known in Australia but quite a few in Australia have heard of Machining Strategist. NCG CAM has the same origin as Machining Strategist in the UK when it was developed and marketed by NC Graphics. NCG CAM is now, for 12 years, developed and marketed by NCG CAM Solutions Ltd just outside Cambridge in the UK. In Australia, NCG CAM is sold and supported by Camplex Pty Ltd.

This is a very much improved version of the old Machining Strategist software. Many improvements and new features have been introduced roughing, finishing strategies, rest milling and tool simulation. NCG CAM V19.0 introduced 2-axis turning as part of its 3-axis milling and will soon support Turn/Mill machines that are becoming very popular in machine shops.

NCG CAM can also program 4 & 5-axis machines with full machine simulation included with the post-processor. Apart from standard 5-axis milling operations, you can automatically convert 3-axis toolpaths with full gauge protection.

NCG CAM v19 is noted for its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities. Whether you are a seasoned CAM specialist or a beginner in the sector, this software delivers a range of functionality to satisfy your most experienced CAM programmer.

NCG CAM has an intuitive interface and is very easy to use. NCG CAM excels in surface finish and processing speed even on large parts. All toolpaths are fully gauge protected against tool and tool holders. To fully verify the toolpaths several simulation features are included as part of the milling strategy.

Customisable post-processors:  NCG CAM v19 allows users to easily tailor post-processors to the unique requirements of their CNC machines, assuring compatibility and efficiency.

Optimized Cutting Strategies: Users can take advantage of adaptive roughing, rest machining, and other intelligent toolpath methods to enhance tool life and minimize production costs.

Tool Library and Management: NCG CAM v19 provides a comprehensive tool library that streamlines tool selection and management.

Automated Setup Sheets: NCG CAM automatically generates detailed setup sheets in Microsoft Excel. In fact, it uses Excel templates that can be configured to suit. In summary, NCG CAM is worth having a look at for its performance and price.