Wetherill Park-based Sharp Tooling has continued its policy of offering something special while keeping ahead of the market, with the recent commissioning of one of Okuma’s largest five-axis CNC vertical multitasking machines.

Founded in 1986 by Managing Director Albert Carrion, Sharp Tooling’s strong investment policy has helped it maintain an enviable position in advanced general engineering. Its latest purchase is an Okuma VTM-2000YB model, with OSP-P300SA-H controller, and accessories including a Capto C8 60-tool automatic tool changer. The five-axis machine has a 2,400mm swing capacity with a 1,400mm turning height. The machine is so large, Okuma engineers from Japan as well as locally assisted in its installation.

“This is my second Okuma machine,” says Carrion. “I have been overwhelmed with the technical support, information and training we continue to receive for this machine, even under COVID-19 conditions. This is the largest Okuma machine of its type in Australia and its precision, outstanding rigidity and five-axis capabilities will take us into new markets. We now have the capability of new large general engineering jobs, with opportunities to provide even greater service. I have always strived to offer something special for my customers and we can now offer large machining jobs in different materials.”

Sharp Tooling frequently produces more than 50,000 parts per year, for clients throughout Australia in industries such as mining, construction machinery and energy, and significant indirect exports of components. Expansion plans into larger components are well advanced, with customers showing a strong preference for Australian-manufactured components.

Quality and service have always been a focus of Sharp Tooling. Modern machinery allows the company to offer short lead times, with a Kanban system tailored for clients with special requirements. A dedicated team of 22 skilled personnel operate under a flat management hierarchy with continuous training. With a range of multi-tasking machines supported by two-axis CNC lathes, manual lathes and milling machines, surface and cylindrical grinders, and the new five-axis machine, the company is well placed to meet future demands and realise its expansion ambitions.

For the team there is great excitement about the new machine, as Carrion concludes: “It is providing a greatly enhanced experience for our engineers, new skills training, new products and a future with secure employment.”