Additive manufacturing is well known worldwide as a new tool used in the development of metal parts that are lighter, stronger and more robust. The selective layering process allows for unique designs not achievable in the past with traditional tooling processes of metals. Better known as 3D printing, the application of AM to the production of parts has seen an unprecedented speed in uptake as workshops adapt engineering processes to this new technology.

This speed of adaptation has brought with it necessary investigation into the testing and development of printing parameters, of performance data analysis and adaptation of the laser systems themselves. The ultimate aim is to meet the equally fast growth in customer demand, a demand that is now creating a need for workshops to invest in many laser 3D printing systems, to understand the technology and develop series production procedures.

Once such company is Cumberland Additive Engineering based in Austin, Texas where six SLM Solutions multi-lasers have been installed. Aside from the importance the company places on safety in using metal powders, the team have instituted an exceptional serial production process data backed and with repeatable quality. Intelligent data analysis of performance allows Cumberland engineers to implement process control in all facets of their business which they claim is the key point in successfully operating multiple 3D laser systems.

Raymax Applications Pty Ltd is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of SLM Solutions 3D printing machines from the production facility in Germany. SLM Solutions mission, is to flatten the learning curve of metal additive manufacturing, not just by their high-performance systems but by support, partnerships and training to ensure the benefits of selective laser melting to their customer base. With changes to jobs, alterations to the workshop floor, the uptake of metal 3D printing systems has never been in such high demand. By sharing stories of uptake from across the globe, Australian manufacturers will see just what can be achieved using SLM Solutions safe, reliable multi-laser 3D metal printers.

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