Raymax Lasers in Sydney are pleased to announce their partner, SLM Solutions Group, Lübeck, Germany have supplied Rolls-Royce with SLM®500 quad-laser machines to help develop its Additive Layer Manufacture Capability. The machines will play an important role in helping Rolls-Royce in the competitive adoption of additive layer manufacturing for aerospace components.

SLM Solutions focuses solely on metal additive manufacturing technology and pioneered multi-laser machines. This years-long experience mastering multi-laser optics, together with their patented bi-directional recoating mechanism makes selective laser melting systems the most productive on the market. With four lasers enabling build rates up to 171 cm3, the SLM®500 serves as the flagship metal 3D printer for high volume processes while offering automated, closed-loop material supply, recovery and sieving to minimize operator handling of metal powder.

Speed and safety are common requirements, but aerospace is a challenging environment for manufacturing because of the rigorous certification process that requires a reliable, high standard of part quality.

Rolls-Royce required multi-laser systems to meet both their productivity demands and maintain rigorous quality controls previously established. This also led them to adopt the four laser SLM®500, the first quad-laser machine introduced to the market in 2013. Essential to their selection of SLM Solutions as a supplier was the control of inert gas flow to maintain a controlled working atmosphere across the build chamber.

Gas flow and control within the multi-laser machine was rigorously investigated by the Rolls- Royce team because of its direct correlation to build quality, and the sintered wall gas flow of the SLM Solutions’ machines provided optimal results in a compact footprint for their needs.
With an eye forward SLM Solutions has included Rolls-Royce as a beta customer for machine accessories to cooperate on future developments.

Raymax Applications Pty Ltd

Raymax Applications Pty Ltd is a distributor of lasers and lasers systems with over 25 years expertise. Our current focus is on additive manufacturing with the distribution and support in: 3D printing in metals using SLM Solutions lasers systems; Laserline lasers for metal cladding and restoration; BeAM Machines for metal 3D printing using DED. We are delighted to be participating in the Avalon Air Show enabling us to present to our client base the latest technology and solutions support.

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