RUAG Australia invests in future manufacturing capability, upgrading to the latest custom designed Rösler International shot peen machine.

In the midst of a pandemic in 2020, the pursuit of continuous improvement and growth didn’t stop for the Aerostructures team at RUAG Australia, with decisive action taken to upgrade manufacturing machinery at its hydraulic centre of excellence in Bayswater, Victoria.

RUAG Australia are dedicated to maintaining the quality of all equipment and machinery to continue providing high quality service to customers. The fully integrated automated shot-peen system is one of the largest of its kind used in Australia for Defence and Aerospace applications. The system uses blast media whereby small steel beads impact the target surface to create a compressive stress layer on the surface, leading to improved durability and structural integrity, so the substrate is better able to withstand failure. The typical components to be manufactured using the shot peen machine include air frame components, hydraulic landing gear actuators, undercarriage components and structural components for military aircraft.

The RUAG Australia engineering team approached international experts in surface finishing and blasting technology, Rösler International (Rösler) to upgrade their shot peen machine. Rösler worked closely with the team for over 12 months to develop a custom-designed system, configured specifically for RUAG Australia’s application requirements. RUAG Australia employees met with Rösler in France to inspect and check machine specifications, before it was manufactured and shipped to RUAG Australia’s Bayswater facility in Victoria, where it was installed and is currently being commissioned. Employees at Bayswater received thorough training and were inducted on how to effectively utilise the advanced robotics capabilities of the machine too.

With support from parent company RUAG International and the technical expertise from Rösler, RUAG Australia successfully invested in this significant equipment upgrade to its Bayswater facility.

The addition of this fully integrated system further supports RUAG Australia’s goals of becoming an Industry 4.0 focussed company. Since the machine was installed in 2021, the projected increase in capacity is promising, with capacity for up to four parts to be processed simultaneously within the one set-up. This will result in improved efficiency, process stability and repeatability, reducing the chance of process failure and improved turnaround times for customers. The team can offer this fully integrated NADCAP-approved manufacturing solution for Defence customers, offering improved special processing of complex aircraft components.

“This new capability elevates RUAG Australia to the forefront of innovative aerospace manufacturing in Victoria, further solidifying our position to support sovereign industrial capability and establishing us as a reliable partner for the Defence supply chain, locally and internationally,” said George Atkinson, Manager, Aerostructures at RUAG Australia.

“This level of investment demonstrates RUAG Australia’s commitment to its customers in enhancing our capabilities and services. Investments like this are critical in maintaining our position as a reliable partner for global defence and aerospace supply chains”, said Aidan Butler-Bonnice, Senior Manager, Business Operations at RUAG Australia.