Over the past 10 years, with the joint efforts of government and industry, Taiwan’s machine tools industry has earned a place in international markets through outstanding manufacturing quality and performance. Taiwanese machine tools serve as a brand and express the spirit of “High-tech, precision, innovation, global service, advancement and flexibility” in the international markets.

The short-chain revolution and the US-China trade war have caused manufacturing industries to migrate. The previously expected economic recovery was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced global manufacturing industries to move towards digitalisation. Taiwan’s machine tool manufacturers, such as YCM, Goodway, Campro and others, use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to transfer real-time information in the workshop, including data such as production progress and machine operation status.

Advanced applications such as monitoring dashboards and mobile devices are employed to achieve remote control and management (RCM). Personnel can solve real-time problems without frequently entering the workshop. Meanwhile, by browsing in split-screen, more machines can be managed with less manpower.

In addition to RCM, the use of augmented reality (AR) under a 5G technical environment also provides the industry a non-contact management model. Via remote AR, manufacturing support experts can provide online troubleshooting or repair assistance for the equipment via visual instructions, which can replace physical inspection in the workshop. For manufacturers, preventative and predictive maintenance not only reduces unnecessary daily maintenance costs, but can also improve the inspection accuracy or predict when a production bottleneck or machine failure will occur.

The way to achieve smart manufacturing not only depends on an unmanned environment. Instead, it requires various intelligent tools and equipment, software, and human-machine interfaces. It also needs enhanced integration of personnel and automated devices to meet requirements, which has an irreplaceable position in the manufacturing field. Today we are in a special era where establishing a new management model for any manufacturer is especially important. Building on an already solid foundation, Taiwan’s machine tool industry has seized the opportunity to quickly transform to smart manufacturing, occupying an important position in the global industrial chain with the advantage of combining the resources of supply chain and the markets.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS 2020), hosted by the Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessory Builder’s Association (TMBA), will be held as an online exhibition, TMTS Virtual. Opening on 10 November, TMTS Virtual will showcase the latest products, allowing global buyers to interact with exhibitors without the constraints of time zone and boundaries. Visitors can try the virtual experience of TMTS Virtual by visiting the show anywhere, anytime.